beauty purchases + updates!

i've been reading about reviews on beauty mask call "My Beauty Diary"
its quite famous in Taiwan! (:

so im gonna try e mask and i didnt believe my eyes when i see the huge selection of mask!!
each box has 10pcs and they have interesting flavours like:

apply polyphenol, chocolate, cherry blossom, sakae yeast, rice peptides, strawberry yoghurt etc!

so i bought abt 8 boxes of them! =x
hope its good!! *cross fingers*

as i do freelance job at home, i rarely go out.
so where do i splurge on?

Online Purchases (:

photos from my BB!

this was taken at odorikoya shoot ~~

barbie makeup (: (:

my hair was permed as i rushed to Odorikoya shoot after a magazine shoot!
i cant blog abt it until may^^ *stay tune!*

i was loving this tie up style! but i think it might look a lil act cute~ lol!

me with rachael (: being her hair model if u read a few posts back (:
shes learning make up now and i'll be her exam model!
random shots ar Odorikoya shoot!
that hairdo in the picture was done using 1 hairpin only! hahas
i told SK (owner of e blogshop) that i can really DIY the styling part myself! hehe~

my hair is long (: im growing it long so that when i hav time to doll up i can tong my hair (:

my cute little darling (:
in her bed~~ she looks oversize for the bed but its the camera angle problem =x

me @ work (:
i was having sore eye but i had to ut some makeup cos i hav to head to MJ office awhile b4 chiong-ing home for nail appt!
i was creating a super chio leopard print nails in e pic above!
oh ya!! i got sato and myself super funky earphones!!
i think its quite "IN" now eh~
i see people queueing up to buy it so i bought it too! hahas~~

*still having sore eye*

my pink star earphone!

happily testing it out~
i've been seeing a chiropractic for a month now~~
i think its not bad! but each session is very painful! but as long as my bones problem can be healed i hav to tahan!
gotta sleep now! good night everyone!! (: (:

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