late nightss~

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i love having late nights (:
only when i dont have work tomorrow teehee~~

pictures from my bb! my memory card has problem thus i hav to bluetooth e photos one by one to my lappie~~

these pictures were taken at e airport! with sato fetching his sis who return from tokyo (:

wearing his huge jacket~~

look at my oily nose!!! arghhh~~
i dont really touch up my makeup cos i think those powder will clot up my pores!
normally i will jus use a tissue and dap my t-zone (:

<> ??

taken on a random day (:

i love this pic cos Sato look soooo happy being with me ^^
(i looked like crap)

at 台湾小吃 again!

last saturday!!
earlier this week, BC has a launch and jus nice i was at home..
i tried my luck by commenting for 6 apparels after one minute of launch! lol!
and i GOT all of them!! happy happy^^

i wore the slouchy ombre knit top from BC with light makeup out!
i cant wewar contacts due to my sore eye~~

speaking of lenses!
my orders for lenses online finally reached my doorstep!
i bought 7 pairs!! lol!

lovely lens from the Flower Series! i totally ADORE IT!!
immediately tried it on n wore it out that night for dinner!
i wanted to try them cos i had a bad experience from my previous purchase (from another seller)

nice nice??

i put on orange & brown eyeshadow~~
and MJ mascara!

the makeup was natural looking and it doesnt make me look "sleepy"

ohho ohh! and e contact lens was great!!!

camwhore b4 i head out!

unfortunately i wore the grey lens today but it kinda feel uncomfortable wearing them..
i mus try a few more times at home to see if i really cant wear them..
i must buy more flower series as its more comfortable!! (: (:

in cab rushing to Odorikoya shoot!! (: (:
i was munching breaddd~


i tried wearing e grey lens but its too uncomfortable!! thus i had to change to my freshkon!
WHY CANT I WEAR THEMMM.................

during e shoot! these r some of the outfits from the latest collection!
check out Odorikoya!!
hey SK! tag me if u're dropping by my blog ya!! (:

love this cute sailor outfit!!
i was doing some advertorials and i managed to do up a picture tutorial on doing the lady gaga bow~~
its exactly e same as the one i did at one of Odorikoya post!
i'll post them up soon! (:
pictures of me without my fringe!!
ta-dahh!!! my FOREHEAD (:

i use to have a bit of breakout at first when i cut my straight fringe, but as time goes by i guess my skin somehow got "immune" to my fringe covering e forehead (:

ps. my left eye is bigger after the swell from the sore eye~~ having difficulties drawing my eyes to make them "balance"

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