Majolica Majorca : Chapter 26 Part ll

Hi babes!

Its time to share with you new MJ products!!
Remember my previous post on their dolly eyes?
Other than having dolly eyes? Whats next to complete the dolly look?

Its to have porcelain skin!!!
dolls have that perfect porcelain skin tone so having flawless looking skin is a MUST!
As many of you know, I do nails!
To make nail extensions last, you have to apply primer (:

same goes to skin!!
I met up with Yanny last week~ and she handed me this girly black Majolica Majorca make up pouch!!

love the prints decorated on the pouch!! (:

and whats inside the pouch? *drum rolls*

Skin Lingerie Pore Cover!! (:

This is a smooth make-up primer that provides good coverage and primes skin for smooth and flawless finish!!

Heres the wonders of Skin Lingerie Pore Cover:
- It contains Sebum Catching Powder & Bright Up Pearl that keeps face fresh and gives a light glow to skin
- Conceals imperfections
- Evens out complexion instantly for porcelain-like complexion!
- Keeps make up looking fresh for longer hours
Best of all its non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic! Suitable for all skin types!

So when do we apply this?

Jus right before foundation after basic skincare!

Best way to apply is to squeeze a bit on your hand, and use your fingers to apply on your face!

Normally I'll recommend you to use your fourth finger as it's gentle on your delicate skin area especially around your eyes!

see the difference??

I have no makeup at all on the left pic, and on the right; after applying Skin Lingerie Pore Cover (:
I have really huge pores on my nose as I have T-zone, this make up primer really cover up my pores instantly!

I dont wear any makeup primer in my everyday makeup, as I always thought I will never find an oil control cosmetic for my T-zone face!

Finally MJ hears my screams and helped me with Skin Lingerie Pore Cover!

It will be retail at $20.90 ~~
Next up!

What I love so much about MJ is their product packaging!

Not only are their products fantastic, their packaging's simply thumbs up!
Along with Skin Remaker Pore Cover Powder Foundation (intro later), they have launched a Limited Edition Case!
Love this metallic black case! Its a must-have for MJ fans out there!
Its limited edition~~
Once its sold out, it won't be produced anymore!!

Internal of the case (:

Limited Edition Case retailing at $12.90

The case fits in the new Skin Remaker Pore Cover!!

After fitting in Skin Remaker Pore Cover (:

Once you've applied Skin Lingerie Pore Cover, do apply concealer to cover your dark circles and red-ness around your nose (if any)

pick up the Skin Remaker Powder Foundation and apply on your skin to achieve a smooth finish!

now you can see the obvious difference babes? (:
Skin Remaker Pore Cover is a foundation that instantly evens out imperfections such as pores for a smooth and lasting finish!
- It creates satin smooth and radiant skin with Satin Powder
- A fresh finish that lasts for hours with Sebum Catching Powder!

Skin Remaker Pore Cover is available in 4 shades (:

(Beige Ocre 10 / Beige Ocre 20 / Ocre 10 / Ocre 20)

(im using Ocre 10)
Retailing at $29.50

Photos of myself with Skin Lingerie Pore Cover & Skin Remaker Pore Cover (:

now you babes can achieve dolly look with MJ products!! (:

Limited Edition Case!! grab it before its sold out! (:

Skin Lingerie Pore Cover is a MUST before applying foundation!

I went to the toilet to take clear shots of my face as there is better "lighting"
Pardon me! =x

I hope you love MJ as much as i do!!


Anonymous said...

I want to purchase MJ foundation but i’m more cool/neutral toned and pale do you know if any of the shades are on the neutral or cool side? I just can’t tell from pictures if OC10 is more yellow than BO10 or maybe they are neutral??
Thank you so much ^^

plumoon said...

i want shiseido majolica so bad! this line is incredible!

btw nice blog!! *_*
u are so cute!

kisses =)