Of all days^

im suppose to be asleep by now but my customer tomorrow morning couldnt make it for early appointment thus i hav time to blog (:

All dog owners should knw, your dog is your dearest (:
My Jewel baobei is my most precious thing in the world!! (other than Toshi & nails)

she waits patiently whenever i work and won't disturb me (:

i jus love her blur blur look! thats Toshi!!!

did i mention she LOVES wearing her clothes! especially this pink one (:
and toshi LOVES taking shots of my dog's butt ~

i have to post this photo up!! hahas!! cos Toshi look like he is carrying his newborn baby~
and his expression is like e jus become a father =x

my dog can sleep with me on my bed (:

thats her staring at her treats (:
i went out with Jiamin to Bugis sometime ago~~

me preparing to head out for some shopping while Toshi goes home and finishes his homework and projects (:

my simple outfit of the day^^

im having really dry hair recently cos of the hairsprays used while helping my friend to be her hair model! need treatment!

had Ajisen for lunch with jiamin!

happy with our food!

we went to illuma to search for Koi but unfortunately it wasn't open yet^

i did a little bit of shopping only~
wanted to get this lace dress from Bugis Village but its a little too pricey thus its such an unfruitful trip! ~~
but i had fun chilling out with this babe!!
met Toshi in e evening at Bishan to have dinner!

then we had dessert at Haagen Dazs~~
i had such a sinful dinner that day^^

i found my saviour for my dry hair~
it really works for me & had thus become my daily essential~

more pictures of my baobei!

Jewel fast asleep in between toshi's legs~
shes wearing "StarBarks" polo tee my sis bought from Macau ~


some random shots of me at BC shoot (:
its fun shooting with Bea and TZ~~
Vel has this Vivi magazine keep asking us to try pretty poses from there~~
i was quite inspirational that day and had a few hairstyles for the shoot!

fake short hair (:

this batwing top has 7 yummy colours! i soo wanna keep all =x

bea and i!

one last shot b4 we head out into the rain!! its been raining heavily everytime we end e shoot bea n i were soaked e first time we try to get a cab!!
ahhh long story^^^

last sat was stella's 22nd birthday celebration~
after my class toshi n i chiong to Simei jus in time for cake cutting!
*kiss kiss*

seriously, this cake is SO COOL!!!!
its like enlarged xiao long bao!!

and everything u see in this picture can be eaten!! (except for the happy birthday deco)

birthday girl (:
time flies, seems like we jus celebrated our 21st then now its hello to 22 =x

Happy Birthday Stella la!!

happy family!! her father sleeping already~ lol
+ her hamster (:

poly classmates!!

yay cut e cake!!

zijuan so happy~~ hahas!
she made a perfect choice getting this cute cake!! (: (:
Im currently taking Japanese language lessons now as im striving for my next phase of challenge (:
also must thanks my bf for helping me too!
i cant believe im actually learning the language now and aiming for what i've dream ever since i start learning nails, but whether i can make it a not its quite a huge & stressful issue for me.
But now i jus have to concentrate on my Japanese first~ (:
my sis and aunt has been complaining that i put on weight on my tummy!
my sis say "you look so weird, u have skinny arms & legs but yr tummy look like an africian child with some disease"
my aunt thought so too and keep ranting i should do something about it!!

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