Birthday + Concert (:

was scrolling thru my pictures and found this! it was taken last yr while i was practicing on my model at my nail school (:

those were e days... kinda miss them^^

picture taken with my customer!

i went to Peggy's 21st birthday celebration at Hotel Re!

it was located at outram and Peggy booked the beautiful suite!

its meant for couples actually~~

this open concept bathroom makes me refuse to visit the toilet throughout my few hours there =x

Happy birthday dearie! time really flies! i was jus attend her 20th birthday awhile ago and blink of an eye, we're all adults already!

queenie and i!

look at this lovely chair! i have to take a photo of it to show u guyss!!

went to SHow Luo's concert last sat with sis!

i went for an earlier japanese class, then rush home awhile then i head out to meet my sis at cityhall!

she is my blood sister! do we look alike?
many of my friends say we don't :(

the concert was held in 3D, we were given this paper-made 3D glasses and must put it on when the screen shows e 3D glasses sign, it was a very very HIGH concert throughout!!

i test test e zoom-ing power of my camera and woohoo!! it can zoom to 12X and super clear!

enjoy my non-pixelated photos of e concert!
too bad i couldnt load any videos up :(

this part was CRAZY! he came down n shook hands with fans,
thats not ALL~
he suddenly took over a camera from a fan and took a self shot photo of himself!!
how crazy can this be? lucky fan (:

lovely piano~

the guest was Huang Jing Loon~

he sings pretty well too!

this is a particularly unique costume whic i couldnt get my eyes off when he came out~

boy i think singing at this height is very brave~

finale byebye~~

last shot of him!
i think i have a very fun job as i get to meet customers from different walks of life and everytime i learn something new (:
and sometimes they will tell me some gossip of what other manicurists talks about me (:

i love receiving comments cos i wanna know whether u like or hate my work. of cos most of them hate it cos im their competitor?
(but it kind of feel good to know who is following yr blog closely)

i dont particularly hate or dislike anyone who works in my line (unless you really did something bad till i can't forgive u =x) cos we have our own customer base, im not afraid if someone gets on top of me or doing better than me.
if they do, i work harder.
recently i seen a growth in homebase salons and im happy that i was one of those few who started out homebase salon first (: and im glad i went through the tough period on my own.

on a funny side note, i even had manicurists coming to me to do nails, thinking i won't know they work in e same field. asking me such technical questions, trying to squeeze out information from me where i got my products from and then pretend to be someone else after they left asking me the exact SAME questions again :(

so who do i go to for advices and questions when i was alone starting out e business?
i find the suppliers myself and im willing to share unless its exclusive to me.. so please don't ask me anymore..
sorry babes, im not that dumb (:

and then it comes to copying of design, i've seen "cat fights" over crediting of design, when i saw it at first, i thought it was no big deal.
but after experiencing it myself, it isn't a small deal afterall.
i was FREAKING ANGRY actually.. if u're a nail artist, u should know what i mean.

and i also dont know why, people also like to copy and paste MY ANNOUNCEMENTS from my nail blog. LOL.
i hav a few exciting stuff for nails coming up~ ahhhh can't wait!
and im going to hav a very very important meeting at e end of e month!
things that i have been dreaming about ever since e start of my nail business,
is coming true ONE-BY-ONE (:
oooo such a wordy post!

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