I received an email regarding JubiFlea!!

JUBIFLEA is a non-profit flea market organised to raise funds for SUN-DAC Centre for the Intellectually Disabled. All proceeds from the flea stall rentals will go to SUN-DAC & metal cans will be placed at each stall for customers' donations to SUN-DAC, hence this is a flea market for a good cause!

Another flea market and this time for a charitable cause! (:

Date: 22 May 2010, Saturday
Time: 11am - 9pm
Venue: *Scape at Youth Park

I think the venue is superb! There are lots of flea markets held there! U can rent your stall at just $48!
Rental fees include a tentage, 1 table and 2 chairs!

Do read more about JubiFlea >>>here<<<
*theres already over 210 confirmed guest*

To know more about SUN-DAC (their beneficiary), do hop over to http://www.sun-dac.com ~
All rental fees will go to SUN-DAC and mass marketing campaign are reaching out to promote awareness regarding this event!

Interested vendors can email jubiflea@gmail.com to register (:
any enquires can be forwarded to that email address too!


i was bored thus i played with my hair (:

jus a simple bun~ not sure whether it looks mature on me though =x

what i wore to my japanese class (:
loving the sheer knitted cardigan! i bought this online in 2 colours
and spent on quite a few of their basic tank tops too!

i got this cardigan in grey as well ~~ lol~

at BC shoot for Jie~ candid shot during e shoot itself!
so sad i couldnt make it for Rach's shoot!

waiting for my turn (:

im wearing e colour lens i bought online (: boy these lenses makes my pupils really huge!
its nice but i cant wear them too often, im scare i will have some eye infection or something =x

it was uncomfortable wearing them at first, i feel like i was chopping an onion, kept tearing non stop~
it was ok after awhile~~

ooo! sheer cardigan in grey =x
with CatWalkClose floral romper!

i think my fetish for retail therapy is knocking back into me once again~
heres one interesting story to spice up my blog~
jus to say my room has storage for unopen/uneaten junk food.
somehow it still manages to attract pests =(
i was happily finishing up my pedicure for my customer, and this cockroach happily stroll onto my pedicure towel!
so ya both customer n i freaked out and no one was at home to get rid of this demon for me.
yes i have no bygon or whatsoever at home cos my mum dont believe in killing animals (pests included of course)
normally if i can, i will jus try to lure it out of my room~
this time i jus hav no choice~
thus i kinda squashed it with my magic clean broom :(
i feel quite bad though, cos to ensure its dead i used more strength and can hear its body breaking ahhh~

so it was stuck to my magic clean paper, i had to get rid of it! :(

jus hope xiao qiang dont visit my room anymore!
on a brighter note, i had an outing with Sato last sunday~
went to bugis yet again.

outift: BC floral dress, bag bought online from some Korean spree (:

had V8 for lunch! i love going there cos the food is quite good + pricing is reasonable!

this is what i always order, V8 signature dish.
Its chicken chop + bacon & cheese (:
there carrots are sweet! super random but its true!

this is only $11.90!
im a fan of garlic bread n its $1.80 only! (not trying to be an auntie here but their prices are soo irresistable!)

we were watching Mr Bean while eating~~ this restaurant always has classical movies, comedy playing^

Sato's baked salmon~~
went to art friend to do some shopping for his project while i got myself some good stuff too (:

its one of those rare days where i had a "good fringe day"

my hair is getting longer~~ i wanna keep it long but having those shoulder length with dolly curls at hair ends seems like the IN-thing now!
nono shall not do anything harsh on my hair.. lol!

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