Just a quick post~

I've been modeling for BonitoChico in their recent collections and I simply cannot resist to keep a few pieces in every collection!!

Vel and Jie are really too nice people!! Love them to bits!!

In their latest collection by Jie, i was really overwhelmed with choices and couldn't decide which to keep!

Bea, TZ and I sat on the floor discussing which to keep and we were like "omg all of us are keep quite a few pieces each~~ how??"

I've received enquires regarding the material of the jumpsuit and i'll jus blog about it ya^^

So heres what Bea, TZ & I love the most (and kept)

This lovely Guess Inspired Demin Frock ~~
AHH!!!! I love everything in this piece!
the back of this dress has this floral print behind the drawstrings! really pretty!!

is a must have!!!

material is super soft and comfy~ im definitly gonna be seen wearing this lots of times =x
i love it when its folded up into 3.4 length!
so the ruffles is quite an issue to some girls,
Is the ruffles heavy? No.
Does it makes me look fat? No. I think it makes my chest look bigger (heehee) and it hides tummy!!
Will it make me look like a pregnant woman? Im not pregnant thus needless to say, Im modeling it so i guess it doesn't?
If you're worrying of looking big, get the black one (:
I got e navy one as Im a fan of blue colours and the ruffles are more obvious (:

Jie is having backorders for this so please get one!!!
Boyfriend shirtdress~
I never had any of these in my wardrobe as I don't fancy wearing tops in these cutting~

but after pairing it with leggings~ i told myself its time! hahas~~
the sleeves are cool (: it can be folded up or let loose jus like in the pic above (:

Casual Knit Throwover
The moment i saw this, i told Jie "one jus can't get enough of knitted wear!"

Though I've already gotten a hearts print knitted top from Vel,
this cream colour jus look too good! =x

Bea, TZ & I kept at least 2 colours for this~~ its really comfy!!

This is jus a random post (: not an advertorial~
cos i love BC!!
Must really thank Vel, Jie & Rach for inviting me to model for them again (:
e last time i model for them was October, it was really an enjoyable experience and im glad to model for them again!
Signing off,

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