Long time no update~~

sorry for e hiatus i took~~
i had quite a down week cos i lost my grandpa last week :(
it was suppose to be a family gathering to celebrate his 81st birthday, but he passed away that very night.

Life is so fragile, so please cherish your loved ones while you can (:

Life goes on, so i had a shoot with Odorikoya last weekend for their 2nd manufactured item!!

my outfit that day^^

my lovely star star 2-way bootss!

photoshoot thick make up =x

e boots kinda make my legs look short :(
ok behing-the-scenes @ Odorikoya shoot!

must give applause to the owner.. she can really DIY head accessories!
this rabbit ears, puffy ribbons so sweet!!

and she was EXCEPTIONALLY high tt day! i had lots of fun shooting!!

culprit taking this unglam photo -> answer on the reflection of mirror
ok cos e rabbit ears jus couldnt "stand"

love this studio to bits!!
anyway i also met owners & model for another famous blogshop, they are such friendly peepss!!

i had such a good hair day!! woohoo!!

gaga bow!

preview of new clothings for sale!
i look like "nu qiang ren" in this outfit!

oh ya! my grey super high heels is purchased from Aldo at $175.
Owner told me theres lots of people asking, if u do happen to read my blog~~ here it is!

sato is always there with me at shoots (:



i really act jap =x
and Sinkuan NEVER fail to amaze me with her photoshop skills decorating e photoss!!!
so heres Odorikoya's 2nd manufactured dress!!
i kept 2 colours for myself!!

she really has ideas pairing up the dress in different styles!
i hope i pulled the look off (:

see u can match with skirts too!

I KEPT NAVY!! teehee...

yummy watermelon green!!!!!!

blush pink!! ahhh i kept this too!!!!
see u can match with suspenders also!

Hurry over to Odorikoya now and purchase these gorgeous pieces!!
here are some random pics taken awhile agoo~

wore BC tunic with shorts ~~

love my eye makeup (:
blue and pink eyeshadows!

i applied e eyeshadows using my fourth finger (:

some pics with Toshi~

his daughter (:

a sneak preview (:
went to ion and ate this hokkaido ramen recommended by toshi (:
they have red miso, white miso or soy sauce for soup based!

toshi's ramen with white miso~

gyoza is a must!

my chicken ramen with red miso, red miso is a little spicy but considered mild for me (:

lastly, i had this ice cream with condense milk all over~
perfect combination super nice!
and i added dango on top too!

Gotta start work soon! toodles!!
Watch out for a schedule advertorial post at 8pm later on!

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