What the???

I jus have to rant!
Tis young babe made an appointment with me before i implemented the deposit system, and since shes a secondary school student,
i didn't request for a deposit from her.

The appointment was suppose to be on 29 May, Saturday, 10am.
Jus so happen that my japanese lesson was cancelled due to school holiday, i texted this babe and ask if our appointment can be postponed to 1pm instead.

So heres the whole conversation, extracted from my bb:

"Hi K*******! I'm Junying from Thistlebelle Nail :) regarding this sat appt. Can we rearrange e time frm 10am to 1pm? As my japanese class is cancelled :)"

"Erm! Sorry! Did like to cancel th appointment due to some reasons with my parents ehs :( sorry!"

"Sure thing. But I will appreciate if you can inform me earlier so that i can arrange appt with other customers who really need to get their nails done."

"I'm really sorry for the late update, didn't had the opportunity to use the phone till now. Sorry!"


I jus feel that this is the most lame excuse I've ever heard.
can't she jus think of a more realistic reason?

You are a secondary school student, I can understand if your parents are against the idea of you spending hundreds of dollars doing nails, im fine with it.

But at THAT moment of time when yr parents disagree to it, you must have been so disappointment and will immediately let me know the bad news.

AND, i believe many of my readers are young teenagers too, or have been thru secondary school,

nowadays, teenagers NEVER let their phone out of their reach. Once a vibration is felt, even when u r in class, u will want to peep at yr phone, right?

What is "didn't had the opportunity to use my phone till now"??

i received such PROMPT reply and then I jus got soooo lucky with the timing that u got to use your phone, lol!

you could have jus emailed me right?

or you couldn't login to your email or use your computer till now??

Pleaseeee exercise RESPONSIBLITY and spare a thought for others.

I do nails for a living, if you can just choose not to come for your appointment, you're letting other customers arent able to do their nails BECAUSE OF YOU & your lame excuse.

Of cos i've receive other weird and straight forward messages of informing me rather than apologising with reason why they aren't able to turn up.

"Hi Junying, just to inform you that I won't be coming for tomorrow's appointment"

Thats it?
Nice one. So what am i gonna do tomorrow?

Not forgetting those who MIA or forgot to come for their appointment, I've nothing much to say about them..

So now u know why i had to implement the deposit system? (:
sorry for ranting like an auntie~~


Anonymous said...

Y not try putting ur cust on waiting list the next time? It might be extra work but worth the try :) just a suggestion though :)

Anonymous said...

Hi junying! I LOVE your work and I think you're very talented and driven =) Do you draw all the flowers yourself or are they purchased? How much do you charge for an extremely simple french manicure with minimal decoration? I would LOVE to have the bling bling nails I see on your boutique webpage, but unfortunately I actually have to USE my hands to do work :P hehe. (lol jst curious, how do any of your customers get any work done?? Isnt it practically impossible to type and write fast?)

Junying said...

1st anonymous: yupp maybe i should! (: thanks for your suggestion!!

2nd anonymous: thanks for yr compliments! yes i drew e flowers myself (: french manicure is $23.. decoration is $3 per nail onwards (: when u hav nail decorations on yr nails, normally u will be more careful.. hehe~