dirty ear :(

just about 2 days ago, i woke up happily cos it was my off day and i made plans with Sato to visit Pixar Studio Exhibition~
but i woke up with a blocked left ear :'(

and this "dirt" inside was so stubborn and hard, doc couldn't remove
jus gave me a bottle of ear drop to "soften" it before i go back with an attempt of ear syringing =x
but i can't stand this irritating blockage of hearing thus i went to another doc and get ear syringing done.

its really stubborn.
thus im still "half deaf' at this moment,
im visiting the doc tomorrow instead of one week which was scheduled cos its causing pain in my ear.

this irritating dirt was too deep inside and i don't know how the heck it grew sooo big in my ear,
for your info i dig my ears regularly,
can't possibly be digging so deep till it hurts right? my ear is soooo freaking dirty!!

arghh... its painful now :(

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Anonymous said...

actually we are not suppose to put anything inside our ears (cotton buds & etcs to dig), u can google abt it!