Majolica Majorca Chapter 27!

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Hi everyone! Majolica Majorca has finally launched their new Chapter 27: Dream a Dream !!

Its the meeting and gathering sessions for the ambassadors once again!
so i dressed up and headed to Plaza Singapura; 10,000 Angels Cafe!

my lovely outfit of the day~

this pretty Press Kit for their new chapter is simply adorable! i saw this on the table once i stepped into 10,000 Angels Cafe!
I've been to Plaza Singapura countless times but I didn't know theres such a lovely cafe there!

other blog ambassadors Hui Rong, Kanny & Audrey (:

I love the decor of tis cafe~ its filled with angels!

lovely booklet i receive from MJ (:
Yanny started her presentation on Chapter 27 (:
a little girl walked past a flower and the friendly flower whispered," Wouldn't you like to be pretty and fall in love?"
the little girl nodded her head and the flower then turn into dewdrops and sprinkled magically over the girl...

presenting new products from Chapter 27!!

preview of their new eyeshadow! it comes in 2 pretty shades!
i'll show u babes later!

all of us were so hungry and we were served with a 3 course dinner!
garlic bread is one my many favourite bites! it really goes well with the mushroom soup!

during dinner, our lovely makeup artist showed us how to create a Mid-day dreamer and a Midnight Dreamer look with the new products!
demonstration in progress~

this is me satisfied with my soup (:
one of the lovely angel decorations of the cafe (:

this is beatrice with her tai tai tea-cup (:

did i mention about the dried flowers on the table? the setting for this launch was superb!

my main course, Chicken with Thai Sauce (:

after dinner, Yanny took a dreamcatcher out!
and we started our DIY dreamcatcher workshop!

teaching us how to make a dreamcatcher (:
we were all having trouble putting the thread into tiny charms!

halfway through, we were pampered by desserts!

i think its nice~~ at least for a first timer.. heehee
beatrice and I ^^

a group shot of everyone!
this marks the end of the bloggers launch and i am missing every part of it! ahhh....
So heres what I've received in my press kit!
lovely booklet of Chapter 27!

their new products which i am going to rave about later on (:
*screams HIGH*
my new cosmetics pouches in dreamy purple and dusty pink!
i'll tell u babes how to get them later on!

one of their eyeshadow palette!
its dressed up like a small book!
In Chapter 27, Majolica Majorca presents 2 eyeshadow looks:
Mid-day Dreamer, "You want to become innocent & sweet, don't you?"

heres the interior of the eyeshadow palette (:

there are labels to each eyeshadow colour (:

another look will be Midnight Dreamer, "You want to become alluring and mysterious, don't you?"

this is the eyeshadow colours for Mid-day Dreamer ~
eyeshadow colours for Midnight Dreamer (:

see the lovely shade of Mid-day look?
If you're feeling sweet and girly, this is the right shade for u!

or you want to be mysterious and alluring?
try this purple Midnight look!
Which look do i prefer?

Mid-day look gives a sweet innocent girly look and their lovely shade of pink goes well with the eye gloss! very dreamy look!
Midnight look gives this mysterious look which i also adore!

Make-up tutorial!!
heres Junying's version of Midnight look (:
i simply love the new eyeliner shades thus i used both in this look!

see Skin Lingerie Pore Cover and Skin Remaker Pore Cover here
*hearts the new purple shade!*
It has a special eye gloss that contains large pearls that create a 3D & watery effect!

i never forget to apply light shades of eyeshadow colours on the inner corners of my eyes,
because it will open your eyes more (:

blend the middle to create a graduation effect!

*tip* lower lash line is important too!

see how it completes the look?

Perfect Automatic Eyeliner in Sap Spell (:
This is a saviour to girls like me who loves to apply light colours on the lower lash line! it OPENS YOUR EYES MORE!
This eyeliner is a white base with a tinge of violet pearls for defined and innocently bright eyes!

Perfect Automatic Eyeliner in Flower Spell~
I never buy eyeliners in other colours other than black, this lovely black base with a tinge of Violet Pearls is really lovely^
It doesn't overwhelm your eyeshadow colours and somehow blends nicely together with your eyeshadow colours (:
test on my hand to show you the difference (:

*i drew the eyeliner straight out instead of the usual upper motion strokes for cat eye effect*

see the double wing??

Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On in Violet Magic (:
This mascara is in a deep violet shade that creates thick, lustrous and dreamy lashes!

The lovely comb that helps to create full volume lashes (:


see how alluring my eyes are?

im so into creating this double wing look!

Hurry over to your nearest Watson Store and grab these lovely products!!!

Just spend $50 in a single receipt at Watsons store to get the purple or pink pouch!

Also check out MJ's counter at Tamines Mall atrium from June 21 - June 27 to get MJ specials!

this candle has the nicest scent and i can't bear to burn it! its part of my room decoration now!

Love MJ?
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Now you know how to create Midnight Dreamers with MJ Chapter 27 products!
Vote for your favourite look for Chapter 27!!

Tell me which look do you like, "Mid-day Dream or Midnight Dream" ?
Write in which look you vote for and why you like this look in less than 50 words (:

Comment on this entry to enter (:
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Prizes: Majolica Majorca Press Kit directly imported from Japan!!!

Contest Period: 17 June - 9 July 2010~

Look at these lovely prizes from Japan!!!

Press Kit from Japan!!

Lovely scented candle in Pink!

MJ Handphone charm!!
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Anonymous said...

i love mid-day dream because it looks too fancinating,the texture,colour combination and the lasting effect.
I feel more confident because the colour are easy to match with and most important,and it stands out from the other brands.
Lastly,i vote for mid day dream as i will continue to support MJ products!long live MJ!


Anonymous said...

Midnight Dream is my choice for looking effortlessly alluring in the low evening light. MJ’s dazzling eyeshadows never fails to enhance the beauty of any lady's eyes. The Perfect Automatic Eyeliner in amazing Flower Spell and Sap Spell colours is easy to apply while accentuating the aura of mystique..


Anonymous said...

Definately the midnight dream!
i love the eyeshadows,the colours are so gorgeous and make your eyes pop!
the flower spell and sap spell liner is a great alternative to the usual black. MJ products allows women to be confident and put their best face forward!

Anonymous said...

i love the midnight dream! Despite the name, it allows me to move from day to night easily without worrying that my makeup won't match the event or my clothes! Most importantly, it's really easy and effortless to put together the Midnight Dream look!


Anonymous said...

i love the mid-day dream, it gives the very sweet look, great for all events and since i'm the type that doesn't like to use strong colours on the eyes it is perfect for me. plus, it gives a fantasy feeling like princess look and it suit the theme perfectly and all sweet and innocent girls loves to dream~


Anonymous said...

i love the mid-day dream as it makes you look girly yet flirty (: the colours look so lovely and sparkly and most importantly, there're two pink shades!!


it's totally irresistible! i can wear it with my chiffon dresses for that sweet effect (:


Anonymous said...

Mid-day dream is definitely my choice! As the name suggests, it adds a tinge of dreaminess to a girl's eyes and brings out one's innocence. Adding a subtle hint of pink, this eyeshadow not only brightens up your eyes but also makes you look sweet and girly!!! Now, WHO would be able to resist that??


Anonymous said...

i love midnight dream because it achieves a mysterious effect for the entire look. The colour combination is great also because i really like the purple effects and how the end product looks like on my eyes.
I'll continue to buy MJ's products because they're simply that awesome!!


Anonymous said...

Midnight Dream! Mystical eyes shining with iridescent purple. What lies beneath the eyes cannot be decoded. Mystery lingering around one. Looking like a doll-sweet yet mysterious at the same time. Totally my choice:)


Anonymous said...

I choose midnight dream.
With midnight dream, I don't need stars or lights to shine up my night. I will do the justice, I will shine.


Anonymous said...

I love Midnight Dream because everything is always more alluring after dark. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love midnight dream because the eyeshadow colour can give a myterious and dazzling look . The colours are really gorgeous and it is definitely perfect for wearing them at night .


Anonymous said...

I am loving Midnight Dream more as compared to Mid-day Dream as the colors used are very daring and seems to have a hint of mystery and secretive aura, which will make the person wearing to be incredibly alluring. The effect of the colorings is similar to a living dofie, very beautiful and mysterious. Based from the past experience, MJ products can be said to be the best among other brands and never fails to amaze more ladies of its ability to bring out their confidence.


Anonymous said...

My choice would be Midnight Dreamer simply because purple is my favourite colour! The choice of colours seems to brighten up the eyes in Junying's demo and gives an enchanting look. I foresee myself wearing it often on dates with my BFFs and parties.

MJ Chapter 27 is love <3


Anonymous said...

I love the mid-day dream.

It gives a girl-next-door look, with the pastel colour of baby pink. Yet at the same time, oozes the sexiness of one, with its glittery silver. Transform from the demure girl, to the sexy lady by just playing around with 4 colours on the palette. Chic and compact, who needs any other make-up kits?!

Good job, Majolica Majorca! <3


Anonymous said...

I adore the Midnight Dream pack, because purple is simply awesome at creating the mystical feel. That's how the term ‘Royal Purple’ comes about too - Majestic and magical! Besides, this purple pack is truly dolly, yet not too overpowering. This is a simple look that is subtle yet eye-catching!


Anonymous said...

i prefer the midday dreamer because it is such a sweet look that every single girl would adore and die for! :)which girl doesnt want to look cute and pretty? :)


Anonymous said...

mid-day dream is love!! vote for mid-day dream!! pink and purple is every girl colour...but!! look at that gorges shade of pink!! with shimmers too~~ its worth to die for...like seriously!! i'm a bimbo and i love pink...so mid-day dream is definitely my choice!


Anonymous said...

cool, fashionable and mysterious? mid-night dream is the one that fulfills all three expect above...cool and seductive in the day with the colour and stylish and mysterious in the night. its perfect for everyone and should be in the cosmetic box of each girl. i vote for mid-night dream! and MJ chapter rocks!


Anonymous said...

Mid-day or Midnight, I would very much love to have these 2 looks on me, It's Chapter 27! My birthday falls on the 27th, all the more I feel I should have that in my MJ collection!
I deserve to dream a dream too, don't I?


Anonymous said...

i love the mid-night dream because i juz love purple.. always wanted to buy purple eye shadow palette but was afraid that purple eye shadow would make my eyes look blue-black but after seeing the colours from mid-night dream.. it juz make me wanna get it.. so pretty.. be it a day or night look, sexy or cute.. the look is so versatile and bring attention to your eyes.. love it when i can use it most of the time whether night or day! :)


Grace Liting said...

I vote for midnight dream!
It's a very versatile look which can bring you fron day to night and that's especially important when you have to go out after work without having to lug additional make-up items around! Moreover, the colours are easy to blend and the Perfect Automatic Eyeliner is easy to apply as well! MJ products rocks!


Charlene said...

I prefer Midnight Dream. I love purple. Depending on shade, it can be quite intimidating. However, Midnight’s purple gives an air of mystery, without being overwhelming. Instead, it invites you to discover more. The pretty pinkish-purple shade makes the look feminine. The gloss provides dimension, making eyes glamourous and sparkly.

Thanks Junying! (:


Anonymous said...

I like Midnight Dream! I love the colour purple, but everyone says pink suits me more and I’m super upset over this fact! However, the 3D & watery effect makes this shade of purple more feminine and sweeter than the usual purple, people actually says it suits me!

Thanks Junying! <3


Anonymous said...

I prefer midnight dreamer as it consists of 2 different tones of shimmery purple, when applied, not only enhance the beauty of a lady's eye but also allows one to display aura that shout mystery and secretive.

Midnight dream palette will not disappoint girls who yearn to look incredibly alluring and attractive, without being overwhelming, just by playing around with the portable and compact palette consisting of 4 colors.


JAN G said...

I'd prefer midnight dream. Personally I feel that it's easier to play around with, especially to achieve the glamour smoky eye effect as it's a slightly darker palette as compared to the mid-day's. While the automatic eyeliners can further beautify the whole effect making the eyes look even mysterious and gorgeous! That's a bonus! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

i think midnight dream is nice as the color makes your eyes look very shiny and gives you the kind of enery and power. The limited edition sap spell eyeliner is a saviour to girls who like to put light colours under their eye ;D
lastly, all the 4 colors in the palatte is awesome


Jean said...

Been a fan of MJ for a long time and I'm never disappointed with their colour palettes and products. I even have ther nail polish, haha! But if i were to choose from the Midnight and Midday look, maybe more towards the midday look? It emphasises the below lash lines amd it looks more unique and i think any girl will look sweet! I already have the white makeup pouch but I think I seriously should get the purple one! Thanks for your info on the latest MJ products!


Anonymous said...

I'm so in LOVE with Mid-day Dreamer!

The 4 colour in it is so lovely that and make the eyes look so much bigger.. never think that my eyes could look so bright! it bring me confident !

Thanks MJ! Life will not be so great with confident without your product..


Anonymous said...

I love the colors in the mid-day dreamer! Especially the inclusion of eye gloss creates a glamorous touch to the eyes. The colors are suitable for both work and play, the little booklet package makes it easy for me to touch up my eyes after work as well.


Michelle ミシェル said...

I am so in love with the Mid-night dream, because it makes your eyes look sexy and more attracting, which makes people cant take their eyes off you :)


th-JESS said...

i adore "Midnight Dream" theme! It's a look thats mysterious, but would look good thruout the whole day! and u did not use any black! im impressed! I especially love the white liner that creates an innocently-mysterious look! My make-up set is filled with MJ products, and now there'll be even more!


Anonymous said...

Mid-day Dream, those colours are lovely and sophicated... i would really want them on my face.

with the touch of feminine colours from the eyeshadow as well as the bold colours from the eyeliner, this will definitely bring out the both sides of women. which is ;being in love and working in the society.


Anonymous said...

Mid-day dream, it's simple with a tinge of sophisticated mysterious feel to it. very suitable as a daily wear.

Anonymous said...

Midnight Dreamer is definitely my choice ! I'm a person who loves nightlife and the look enhances my eyes to be alluring . Eyes are windows to one soul therefore the makeup chosen is very important too .
Enough said ? The press kit is meant for me (: