Recent Purchases (:

A little shoutout to babes who are still interested in participating the Majolica Majorca Contest (:
It ends on 9 July (:

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i grab this photo from my customer's blog! really lovely!!

anyway, i've bought a crazy amount of stuff, i seldom get to shop outside as many of u know,
i do nails and im often stuck at home (:

I was doingg a blogshop shoot and i came across this shop that sells cameras. i saw just the thing i want to buy for the LONGEST TIME!


yay yay yay!!!! i got my own so i can bring them anywhere i want!
i was contemplating on which one to buy, set my mind on this limited edition white Instant Mini 7S

their films are $11 for 10 films, not cheap.
so for every photo u take, please DON'T BLINK! lol! if not its $1.10 wasted!

random outfit for a day out~~ forgot when i took this alr! lol~~

face mask! yes its a crazy 13 boxes!
i shan't reveal where i bought these from because of the following reasons:
1. This seller took 2 months to send me the masks
2. Not to mention the poor customer service and her sarcastic replies
3. Excuses excuses excuses
4. Bad experience = I don't want to advertise for them
(edited) 5. Jus check the website, they are not selling anymore
it was a good deal though, but i will never patronise that blogshop ever again~

bought 4 pairs of flats from Mitju~
fell in love with their flats!

bling bling! love them!

its soo kawaii!

bought it in grey as well =x
so sinful! but bcos their cream is out of stock, it stirred me to purchase the grey one as well!

this pair was on sale, love the velvet material and it looks korean-ish ~~
i can pair all these flats on my shoot on friday (:
and i'll be selling some quality apparels here on my blog!
excited excited!!


Jiayi said...

woot! where and how much you bought your camera? ;D pretty!

Mish said...

OMG~~ Those are really lovely purchases! ^^ I'm loving that last pair of flats you bought! ^-^

And the Instax Mini is definitely love! I've been thinking of getting one for myself as well~ <3

This is my first time to comment on your blog, but I have been following you for some time now! ^^ I found it through Milk's twitter~ I saw the nail art design you made for her that had U-know Yunho's name on it and OMG I JUST LOVED IT!

My sister and I really love nail art, but it's not that common here in the Philippines, sadly :( We're limited to just nail lacquers and a few stones here and there for design :(

I really hope to get my nails done by you when I get the chance to visit Singapore! ^^ You are mad awesome and talented~~ ^-^

(I'm sorry I totally spazzed~~ But I really love your work! ^^)

Junying said...

to Jiayi: hi babe! The shop name is Max Photo, the address is 72 Pagoda Street (:
Jus head to Exit A at Chinatown MRT and its just on your left side after you come up from the escalator (:

I bought it at about $150 (:

to Mish: hi mish! wow thanks for following my blog! (:
sure do visit me when u come to singapore!