Ad: Kristineyunny

Im here with another blogshop to introduce!

I know the owner of this lovely blogshop for quite sometime and she is one lovely lady!
and I'm lucky to receive a few pieces of apparels specially selected by the owner herself~~

this babydoll tunic!! it has a knitted chest detail which i can't take my eyes off them!!

Closeup shots of the knitted detail!
Its very girly and jus pair it with a sweet handbag!~~

Petal Structured Dress!!
It only has last few pieces left over at Kristineyunny!

the material is super comfy and it fits on me nicely!
my mum was compliment how this dress contours my body curves!

The petal details gives this dress a unique look!

Its perfect for working class too!! (: (:

Ruches Lace top in Grey! (:
Also another popular piece!

Grey is a nice colour choice for fair skin tone babes like me! (:

I will tie a ponytail or a bun to go with this outfit as you are not to miss out the neck cutting and covering up the lace details too much^^
Hop over to Kristineyunny and check out their latest Manufactured Dress!! (:

Rainbow Dress in 4 colours!!

Lovely Rainbow Dress comes in 4 yummy pastel shades!!
I'm in love with this piece and the quality is superb! (: (:
All colours are pending at the moment but backorders are up!
So grab a piece while u have a chance!
Don't forget to join their mailing list for latest updates!

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