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Killing 2 birds with 1 stone!
Im surprising u babes with 2 advertorials in this post!
+ personal post right below ~~
This blogshop shouts out a girl's thought everytime she sees a pretty apparel that she HAS TO BUY!

Meshes & Cream top! (:
U can pair this with a bandage skirt or a high waist shorts!

I will wear a cardigan over this outfit, tie my hair up in a bun!
make me look jap (: (:

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I was lucky enough to grab their last few pieces of A Sweet Curtsey!
This top was imported from Korea!

I must say the extremely comfortable material is high raved!! (: (:

see a more cloesup view of the top! (:

they have it in Pink too!!

super sweet frock and imported from Korea too!! (: (:

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ps. they are going to update a new collection tomorrow!! ~~


the next blogshop im going to introduce is.........................

Lovely owner Amelia is also the model of the blogshop too! Do give your support ya!

Amelia sent me 2 dresses of my choice and here it is!

i set my eyes on this Vintage Floral Frock! (:
its made of comfortable cotton and very alike to pieces i've seen on Japanese magazines! ~

it is smock at the waist area thus it won't look so big on petite size babes!

this is the star item from Collection 13 (:
Pleated Chiffon Dress!

this dress comes in 4 lovely colours and i chose Nude (:
Needless to say, you can judge from the pictures that the material is superb!!

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Here are more items from their website which i adore!!

lovely clutch!
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Last sunday I attended Rachael's wedding!
it was my first time attending my friend's wedding! lol..
time really flies~
we become adults and i see my friends getting attached and now here i am,
dressing up, attending weddings!

first time seeing Toshi dress up! haahs im too use to seeing him in casual outfits!

wedding photo album! i flipped through the album and i can feel the couple's love for each other (:
u see the pictures u'll know!


see what i mean?
im beginning to doubt my own professionalism in my modeling =x

wedding dinner was held at Holiday Inn Atrium ~~

march in of the couple!
Yes, Rachel's husband is 190+ in height. lol!

and how romantic it is to hold their wedding at the place where they first knew each other!

cutting of cake!

rachael in another gown ~~

yup i gave her SUPERB NAILS!
i will be posting the photos on my nail blog (when i have more time)~ lol!

group photo of e table i was at! (:
when i finally saw the video montage of the happenings in the morning, wahh i was tearing! lol
feels like im e mum marrying my daughter off =x
and Toshi saw the stunts the "brothers" had to do, he was bleamed with curiosity and didn't know that chinese weddings has to be like that~
He will get his chance when my best friend gets married next year! weeee^^^
To Rachael:
Congrats babe! Not so sure if you'll read this but may you have a blissful marriage with Warlton!
I was tearing when I saw the montage! Both of you have come a long way^
Now enjoy your tai-tai life!!

dinner at Sakae Sushi!
Toshi thinks that japanese restaurants which are quite well known generally here (i shall not list them out here),
basically doesn't serve authentic Japanese crusine at all. lol!

DUH!! they have to have food that can abide to our local taste what!
here an interesting conversation i had with Toshi sometime ago, while eating Takoyaki ~
Toshi: I don't understand why Takoyaki has other flavours like what u are eating now, ham & cheese? its wrong ~
Me: why?
Toshi: Tako means octopus. So what you are eating now isn't Tako at all.
Me: But I don't eat octopus, its good that they have it in other flavours to cater to me (: (:
Toshi: if you go to Japan, this flavour doesn't even exist~~
Me: really? then i will request for ham & cheese!
Toshi: errr.. I think they will jus ask u to leave the shop........
Me: -.-"

old school Coke!
Toshi thinks its not worth the money cos its in a smaller bottle, lesser coke~
I have sooo many events to blog about!
im screwedd~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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