KL Trip!

I went to KL in mid July to experience something that I've never dare to try: To join a nail competition.

Turn out it was a great experience but a few rantings to make (at e end)~~ lol

I decided to join Manicure category and Acrylic French Sculpture category (:


One thing i must highlight, i actually HATE doing acrylic french sculpture, here are some reasons:

1. For those who don't do nails, french sculpture means using white acrylic powder to sculp and mould the white tip
2. It is very difficult to create a pretty smile-line (to me at least)
3. By the time I work on the right side, the left side has semi-harden, making it more difficult to create the white tip
4. Pinch too early, there goes the sides

Competition nails standard isn't the same as what I do for customers, they require a few things to win~
Consistency, structure, C-curve, Smile line, file to paper thin (trust me this is not easy)~
My teacher said, "if all perfect sure win" haha~

Then comes to searching for that perfect pair of hands.. I literally scrolled through my phonebook and tried to recall which of my gfs has pretty nail bed!
and yay!! I found Eileen and Trina!

Practice! This competition was kind of last min for me,
I only practice once? twice? oops^

Ok, i was actually quite proud of myself. lol cos i seriously SUCK at doing french =x
I had 75 min to finish this set of nails, buff to shine. I had muscle aches man!

then i took the longest time ever to trim Trina's cuticles and never had I polish so slow in my life!
polish must be close to cuticles and NO FLOODING~
u can clean up if u did, but the red polish stain will minus marks!

square nails for now cos have to file round for competition (:
with that practice, off I go to KL with my models!!
i went there with 5 other pple!
Eileen and I!!
omg i only hav foundation on! =x pardon my pale face!

Toshi came and send me! (: but i dont know y i dont hav his photos in my camera =x

Manicure model, Trina!!

and coincidentally, all 3 of us had the same initals! LJY!

ok our flight got delayed!! i went with Tiger Airways, argh dont expect much but why delay at this time!!

Louis and Mandy!! (:

after 7 hours, i finally settle down in the hotel~ if i knew Tiger Airways would delay,
i would have taken a bus coach instead. seriously, whats the point of taking a plane there?
To save time, which in e end didn't.

Its me cleaning Eileen's cuticles, poorr babe shes falling sick!
we didnt really sleep as it was about 5+ in the morning already!
Next morning, all of us WALKED to the venue of competition as the reception at hotel told us its 5 minutes walk.
We carried our huge luggages and drag them to this hotel.
Eileen is super nice! took photo of Trina n I before the competition!

i look so serious! ~

this is Yoko-san and her model!

start already!

quite alot of contestants!

my competition works~

French Sculpture


happy modelss~

group shot!

Louis and I! he fell sick toO!

i feel that i did my best already (:

my "perfect" structure~
Some of the nail art works by contestants displayed (:

this is drawn by Louis~

Mix Media (:

this is Louis's Mix Media : Freedom~

Prize presentation!
I was in a relax mode already cos i know i wont win anything~
its my first time, take it in as an experience!

more mix media art!

The following nails are actually 3D nail art, Student category.
Bear in mind, its competition nails ok~

before you go =.="
you should ask me "how come you didn't join?"
I have slapped my face a hundred times asking myself the same question.
Not that I am boosting my nail art is good, but you can see I MIGHT have a good chance of winning.
and one of the above set is CHAMPION.

On a happy note, Louis won 2nd in flat nail art category!!!

we were screaming our lungs out when they announced his name!!

winning *wink*

group shot before we rush to the airport!!

congrats to Louis!!!
It was a great experience for me meeting up with so many incredible nail artists from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia~
All the preperation works, thinking whether I brought everything while packing my bags.
Laughters with the rest during the trip, sleeping in the cab, got our passports checked on the highway by policemen..
Jus a little rant, jus when we were about to leave, I hear the host asking all the winners to go on stage for a group photo.
I see the crowd of winniers olding their trophies up the stage, I can't help but to feel a tingling prick in my heart.
Standing on the stages, 99% of the winners of the student category were wearing the same polo tee.
What was written on it?
The nail academy that organized the competition.
My mind suddenly spelled the word "unfair"
and I left with the rest back to Singapore.
Maybe it is unfair, or the students are really super good in their manicure and french but jus weak in their 3D nail art. or you can say I wrote all these because i didn't bring home any trophy.
I was talking to my principal about this, her answer is an eye opener for me (:
Overall, it was a good experience ~~
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