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Odorikoya preview for the launch tomorrow!! (: (:
This is an awesome collection and i had a fun shoot with SK!!

Forgot when ~~ had ribs for dinner with my cousin, aunt and sis!

photos r kind of dark~~

soft shell crab ~

soup of the day!

yum yum!

dessert we ordered cheesecake, brownie, pudding~ LOL
my memory is failing me as i drag my blogpost dates =x

anyway, sharing an eye makeup i've put on!

it has pink, shimmer purple, sky blue, green and white (:

i jus change the colours using the application method I used in a tutorial not long ago ~
can click * here * to take a look!

after eyeliner and mascara!
i use purple eyeliner and purple mascara from Majolica Majorca!

i tied up my hair and stuck on a hairband!~~


Shoot for the clothes that im selling soon!!

see my boots! hehe love them!!

toshi trying to capture the waist belt!

its DAMN PRETTY trust me!!

me shooting!!
taking photos of my hands for his project =x

we were so hungry after the shoot and we had an impromptu lunch/dinner at this steamboat place but serve "zi char" food as well~

Ma Pou Tofu~

this chicken is very spicy!! but its quite nice^^

we had seaweed egg soup as well~
oh oh, and veggie^

overall the food was so so only, and we were the ONLY customers at that place..
Last fri!! hehe~
i accompanied Toshi to a shoot, hahas he model eh!

afterwich he accompanied me to Odorikoya's shoot!
i am super high and i received an sms text from Stella that she has tickets to FIR Concert as she couldn't make it~~
i was literally jumping for joy!! i wanted to watch but couldn't find anybody to head to e concert with me ~
and when i receive the tickets from her husband, Kelvin~

goodness me.. VIP!! front rows!! yipee!!

this was how close i am to the stage~

got my sis to join me after her busy schedule from work~

ok concert starts!!
im going to leave with all pictures!!


he play 2 songs out of the many hundreds of songs he composed and got the backup singers to present the songs~
all are sung by famous singers.

everyone at the stadium scream at the top of their lungs (including myself) when we saw SUN YAN ZI as their guest performer!!

and they surprie her with a cake!!
it was made of soap ~~

and then her solo, she sang 我不难过.
ahhh.... memories~~

then this was the last part of the concert~~
and they sang alot of songs from their first album!

this dress is soooooo omg!!
this is their encore performance~

i took quite a number of videos but its in HD format~ too big to upload on blogger :(
i might hav to convert it and upload n try to let u all view ok?
i heading over to KL next tues and wed~
and my appointments is ultra packed till 26 July then is my off day~ lol!
wish me luck!
I might only be able to launch the clothes when i come back from KL~
take care!!

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