bad + weird day~

today is a bad day for me...
i broke my sis's ice wine and that bottle fell on my feet before it landed on the floor and crashed into pieces.

then i found out that my feet was bleeding profusely.. itai!!
ok it was nothing serious, jus multiple cuts thats all. i cleaned up my wound and slapped on a plaster.
immediately, i went to my room and did some nail samples as i hav a customer at 7pm.
se requested for "Chanel" theme simple nails. so i did 2 samples!

seeing the time strikes 7pm. i sms my customer and ask if shes on her way.
she replied me "oh ya i forget... I'm working overtime, Can't make it sorry", again i dont know why i deserve these kind of not-so-polite replies.

i think i hav emphasize countless time how i dislike customers who isn't responsible enough.
so who is gonna compensate me if u don't come?

so i happily strike off her appointment with me in Oct, she made these 2 appts with me on her first visit.
so i asked her jus now will she be coming for her appt in Oct, (i hav to ask to be safe jus in case she pang seh me again right?)
she reply me "I let u know again cos OT is last min"

WOW. 2 Oct is a saturday, e appt is 10am. You OT from friday night till saturday morning ah? I see i see.
lol enough of all these nonsense already..


so i moved on to spend my night trying to do my jap hmk, dinner with parents etc..
now its 3.55am. jus about 30 minutes ago.
I was doing my blog hopping ~
and i realise i didnt see this girl, jus name her Whatever, tweeting for quite awhile.
So i purposely click on her twitter page. Then i see that Whatever has protected her tweets, and i have to send a request to her to approve me to view her tweets.

ok, profile update,Whatever is jus a girl who:

1. Asked me for advice on nail courses at my nail school, I gladly told her abt my experience
2. Bootlick me and some other homebased manicurist saying we're damn good
3. After bootlicking me, email me and ask me where I buy my supplies from, which i gladly gave her my local supplier contact
4. Continue to ask me more questions regarding nail stuff which i gladly exchange quite a bit of emails
5. Her last email was to ask me did I learn this particular nail art myself or from my nail school, i replied her. She didnt reply me.

AND, i jus realise, she didn't show any gratitude like how she did in her first few bootlicking emails.

I thought "eh how come mus re-approve again since we're following each other?" thus i even click on twitter help page to learn more about Protect Tweets. (i super free) ~
It says that the user has to approve her followers one by one.

ok, so I click on "Send Request"
guess what i saw?

"You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user"
Apparantly I have been blocked by Whatever~
I was awaken frm my sleepy mind. haha.

Without any reason she blocked me, not like i want to read her tweets so much but I don't thing I could have done anything to cause any unhappiness between both of us, we have never met nor talk, jus exchange emails!

Seriously, I work alone. I don't know how the hell i got myself into politics as well.

Anyway, I went to facebook to check if Whatever deletes/block me.
Oh she didnt, so i deleted her.

To Whatever,

use yr brain and think, I dont even know u and u dont even know me in real life.
Please do not base on information you hear from others to piece up your impression towards me.
Have we actually done anything to offend each other? No.

Did i offend u in one of my many emails exchanged with u? Or is my information freaking useless and is nonsense to u?
If I were selfish enough, i would not have even REPLY TO ANY OF YOUR EMAILS.
I hate 2 face people.

Take care and live your life fruitfully please.

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cindynah said...

thats very nice of you to share your local supplier contact. chill~