Friends meetup~

my days spent aren't jus meeting my bf, catching up with friends is important to me too!
Haven't been able to meet up with my secondary school friends.

Jus nice is Joanna and Yanjun's birthday!
we had dinner at Pasta de Waraku (:

Joanna and Nicole!
Nicole is Waihon's gf (: hehe jus got to know her that day! very chatty! which is good!

Waihon and Weiguang!

weixiang and shaun!

my tasty Calpis Float!

cake cutting time!
and so qiao. this birthday cake is e same as what i bought for my other bestie!
(will blog about it soon!)

yanjun and joanna~

this is berenice~~
we call her 酒后.
cos whenever she hear "alcohol" , she'll be awake even when shes daydreaming. lol~

group photo!
glad to be able to meet up with this gang even after we graduated from secondary school for like... 6 years??

awww so sweet!!
berenice took this photo! really capture the moment.. heehee~
I hope everyone enjoy themselves that night! (:

on saturday morning,
i went to Dandzelia photoshoot at Jurong, Trina was so thrilled when she knew i was heading to Jurong thus she went to the shoot and waited for me to finish so that we can hav lunch together (:
My shoot ended at 4pm, we chiong to IMM pepper lunch (:

this pretty skinny girl!

waiting for my food!
i was starving!
i had to eat quick as i hav japanese class at 4.45pm...
at orchard =x

o well, by the time i finish my food, i didnt realise i was behind time. its 4.48pm already!!!
i rush to take a cab but the taxi stand is full of people!

so i called my language school and told them i'll be going for the make up class instead (:
and i happily went back to meet Trina.. hahas~~
after that i went to meet Grace! my ex japanese class khaki!
this girl stopped japanese class cos she jus join SIA!
wahh~~~ envyy^^
we went to Cineleisure and caught Love in Disguise!
ahh Wang Lee Hom!! grace and i were "drooling" over him throughout the show! haha!
and afterwich we had frolickss!!
can u imagine 2 woman, chit chatting till 2am in e morning =x still not enough! lol
till i forgot to take a photo with her!!
its ok, i'll be meeting her very soon! hehhee~~
only had about 3+ hour of rest and i was up for photoshoot this morning (:
i receive photos already^^
think im gonna hav a late night cos i had a 5-hr nap this afternoon!
good night everyone!

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