MUSEE Platinum Tokyo!!

I was super excited when i receive an email and was offered to experience a painless hair removal trial with MUSEE Platinum Tokyo!!

They are Japan number 1 Hair Removal Salon!!
93 salons in Japan, 4 salons in HK and 2 in Singapore!~~~

Sometimes hair removal can be a pain!
For me, i use an epilator~ I have to wait till my armpit hair to grow to a certain length,
then i epilate them!

Its a NIGHTMARE for me. It is very painful each time I epilate, literally screaming in the toilet.
no joke!!
and if u shave, alot of stubble can be seen! Which is a boo boo for a girl!

Heres a simple schedule from MUSEE!
*click to enlarge*

You can see that as you go back for their treatment, you hair root will start to die off and u can say bye bye to ugly excess hairs!!!
Moreover, it is PAINLESS!!

They use the S.S.C which stands for Smooth Skin Control Hair Removal, it is different from the conventional hair removal and it is almost painless.

They have special formulated gel which is activated when expose to beams of light, it slows down the process of hair growth to a certain percentage!

I was directed to a counseling room and to write down some information about myself!
It was a long list of questions like,
did i pluck or epilate for the past 24 hours
do i have dry skin
did i consume alcohol in the past 24 hours
am i pregnant
A friendly staff from MUSEE explain to me why these information is needed~
It is actually to ensure visible results!
For example, if you epilate or pluck your hair the day before the treatment, the root has already been pluck out. there is no root for the machine to "kill" the root.
Thus the results won't be so good.
Shaving is recommended before treatment (:

i was given a cup of hot tea while i wait to be directed to the treatment room (:

what i love is this salon plainly jus do hair removal.
They don't do HARD SELLING because they have nothing to sell!
it can be irritating if the sales person keep bugging u to buy products right?
Yes they do have packages, but the staff won't keep forcing you to purchase.
Their prices are very direct, no hidden costs at all!!
Many a times jus like doing nails, the sales girls will ask you to top up this amount for a better treatment etc,
but MUSEE Platinum Tokyo doesnt! Their prices are clearly stated and they won't come after you for any extra payments!
and if you are unsatisfied with the results, they will refund you the amount spent!!
and say yay to little or no discomfort hair removal treatment!!

i was asked to change and my belongings to put into this locker (:
I did first time armpit hair removal treatment~
I must say, the treatment process is superb! i did not feel any pain at all!
They clean my skin and apply this cooling gel on my armpit, put on these goggles for me to protect my eyes then start their S.S.C treatment!
Everyone hair growth is different, thus if you have more/thicker hair,
you need more sessions~

You can see from their website too they remove hair from different parts of your body!

These are the few packages available!
Sorry I can't reveal the prices, you can check it out at their outlets! (:

It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE and I am definitly recommending this place to all girls who are having trouble with their "excess" hairs!
The staffs there were professionally trained and friendlyy!
Did i mention their service is superb?
MUSEE Platinum Tokyo have won Number 1 for the second year for their wonderful customer service!
and have serve over 440,000 satisfied customers in Japan!
Click to MUSEE Platinum Tokyo for more information!

I recently model for this new blogshop owned by my nail customer!
Do give support to them! (:
Below are some of their hot items from their first collection!

i love this romper =p

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to ask u a silly qn...
Do we need to take off our bra when we change and get ready for the treatment?

Anonymous said...

Hi, do we need to shave 1 day before the treatment?

Anonymous said...

which outlet did you went to? I heard Centrepoint outlet sucks. Can you share pls?