Some updates!

some of my recent works! (:
been quite awhile since i post nail designs here~~ enjoy!

Majolica Majorca new chapter revealing soon! (:
Stay tune to my blog!

met up with my "long lost friend" felicia and trina for a dinner and singing session !
the place is quite dark thus my camera photo is a lil grainy..
felicia babe! she use to be my clubbing khaki! lol! crazy woman love singing too!
and lots of catching up to do!

is is oiishi! susage and bacon = sinful^^

we went to this cafe with KTV too~ we sat there from 6pm - 12am~ lol!

this is felicia's signature pose wheneve i go out with her, she MUST pose like that.
then is Amelia's birthday!!

toshi writing birthday wishes!

my baobei (:

amelia's bdae theme is red & white.. lol!

love my eye makeup that day!

me and birthday girl~~~
did i mention i knew Toshi at Amelia's birthday part exactly a year ago? (:

Alison and I!
I knew her thru Odorikoya shoot! so surprise to see her there~~
shes taking japanese too and both of us were whining how difficult it is to learn! haha!

Amelia's 2nd bdae cake (:
its a tasty durian cake, and i got Toshi to taste it!
he HATES durian. hahahahaaaa!
im working hard to my HK trip! hehehe
i cant wait to get my hands on the loots i pre-ordered~
plus the goodies im gonna get! omg omg!
gonna prepare for Japanese class later! got test =x
wish me luck!

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