Universal Studios!

My bestie, Zijuan, decided to have her bdae celebration at Universal Studios!
All of us have never been there before, jus nice for us!

Stella suggested we should surprise Zijuan with a cake that day! and we did!

e guys prepaaring the surprise cake!

strawberry shortcake i bought! yummmm~~
we went upstairs and surprise the birtday girl (:

ultra surprise look! priceless~

super loving!

then off we went to Universal Studios!

as Toshi's bade was drawing near~ my besties shared Toshi's ticket to Universal Studios! so nice!!

yay~~ journey begins!

we had quite abit if childish act in the store..

ask bf to pose for camera also mus hav stern face~

the Shrek babies!

popcorn cart!

weather was super hot at that time!

"Best Girlfriend Award" (:

Monster Rock.
there are different acts available around Universal Studios all day~ we manage to catch almost all of it~

we had a quick brunch at this burger store~ taking pic with stella and this huge jukebox~

queueing to buy!~~

it starting raining when we finish eating~ so we went to Monster Rock musical~

weather turn really hot after the rain! and we went to Madagascar!

so cute!!!!

our first ride: merry go round! lol~

ultra happy birthday girl~

land of far far away~
queueing for this roller coaster ride~ zijuan got a huge bruise on her arm right after this ride! :(

the queue though it looks long but waiting time isn't very long~
we didnt buy any express tickets~

one of my favourite place!

we queued 45 min for this ride though~
it was super fun! u might wanna bring your own raincoat or purchase it at $2 each cos u gonna get super wet!
i love this ride! its exciting and scary cos of the "real" dinosaurs throughout e ride!
and my HAIRBAND BROKE right after the ride :(

taking a photo for zijuan (:

next up is the Mummy World!

i love the displays they hav for different themes around~

this is the entrance to this exciting indoor roller coaster~
zijuan was traumatize by the ride earlier and refuse to get on this ride!

e rest of us who went for the ride voted this was e best ride of the day~
of cos the nicer ones aren't open yet =x
then we went on to a few more shows~ we had vouchers for each of us so we bought souvenirs~
i bought Madagascar Gloria's cup (:

see my hair =x

awww bidding goodbye already!!

i took this.. i think its funny~ hahas~

lastly, we had seafood dinner at Clark Quay~~ too bad toshi dont eat crab!
we had chilli and black pepper crab!! (: (: yummm!!
we were too hungry i didnt snap photos of e food~
i still hav quite abit to blog but i hav to make use of e time i have to do my japanese homework its piling up! =x
did i mention i register to take JLPT in december? goodness... i better study hard!

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