updating with words!

i always "flood" my blog with photos which brings entertainment value to my blog (:
but i seldom pen down wordy post as i don't really wish to bore all of u, plus my english isn't that fantastic. lol

been working hard cos im saving up for my HK trip in september woohoo!
i can't believe what nail art im gonna learn there, super excited when i receive this photo from the organiser.. i was screaming (in my heart) when i saw all the cute nail art n new techniques i will learn!

PLUS goodies i have already preordered from HK too!
i will do more airbrush designs!
speaking about airbrush, my compressor died on me few months back while doing nails for my friend, Trina.
i happily set up everything and jus when i switch on the compressor to adjust the pressure, i realise the pressure cap was cracked!!!
so ya, compressor working but no air! LOL!

then TODAY,
i finally bought a new airbrush compressor!! weee!!!!!!!
and a new gun! means i got 2 guns now~~ my "husband".. heehee
*post below is quite an unhappy post, read it if you r bored*

i met up with this sales consultant from a magazine to talk about advertising w them few months back.
i stupidly sign up a 12 months advertisement insertions with them, thinking "jus a half page ad, 400 odd dollars a month, ok what~ not much of a burden for me. why not?"

thus i signed.
after signing it, i had this talk w my frens n bf.
they all think its not needed as i m homebase, i work alone.
plus, is my business that bad?

well, i need my own share of exposure. thats y i signed up for this.
i regretted a little cos i was affected by comments given by my frens n bf.
so i sms the sales consultant asking if i can downgrade my halfpage ad to a quarter page instead.

jus hundred odd dollars, better for me.
you know what reply i got?
"sorry girl downgrade not allowed"
"then i can't help u"
"u hav to pay penalty of blah blah blah....."

my heart pricked when i receive these mildly rude replies from that sales consultant which was so friendly when selling,
and speaking to me in this tone after signing e contract w her and she gets her fair share of commission earn.
i thought, maybe i can see whether the response is good after publishing?

answer is NO.
it was a waste of my hard earn money where i would hav put them into better use.
my bloghits did not increase at all, no referrals from the advertisements at all!

PLUS, I've never seen such unorganised people.
After signing, the sales consultant referred me to this colleague name N; who will be incharge of all future transactions.
I was given this account no by the sales consultant to transfer e ad money, and i did.
so i text that sales consultant to ask her to confirm receipt.

After a few days, I receive an email from ANOTHER COLLEAGUE of hers (instead of N whom was suppose to be in charge of e transactions), sending me the receipt of payment for the FIRST INSERTION of advertisement.

and few weeks back, i received an email from N, email title stated it was an invoice,
i thought " so fast ask me for payment for next issue already?"
thank goodness i click on the invoice and read it.

lol! i was asked to pay for something which i did weeks back,
and i hav to send an email with all the details on when i already transferred the payment, attached the receipt i got from ANOTHER COLLEAGUE.
i asked N to double check and get back to me.
Turn out, ooohhh its their mistake they didn't record it down.
then quickly send me another invoice to make payment.

So now I have to work "freelance" for them and make sure they got my transactions correct. lol~
I hav jus made payment for my second insertion which i totally dont really wish to.
but i treat it as a lesson learned then.

After I come back from my HK trip,
heck that penalty money, I will jus pay that few thousand dollars and won't deal with them anymore.

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