Advertorial: The Stage Walk

This blogshop which I'm going to do an advertorial on has been around us for quite sometime and many of you will know The Stage Walk (:

Recently they hae manufacture their own label too!
And i chose this fabulous top!!

Rainy Sexy V-Neck Babydoll Top in Warm Blue! (: (:

this top is made of excellent cotton with intricate lace details around the V-neck design!
extremely comfortable to wear!~~

I wore it to my Japanese class and my japanese teacher sang praises to it! (: (:

Do join The Stage Walk's MAILING LIST to receive latest updates!!

Heres a sneak preview of their next launch, Collection 89 on Tuesday, 7 September 9pm!

Below are some of their hot selling items!! Do check them out!

Their lovely manufacture item in more yummy colours!!

The Stage Walk updates with new clothings WEEKLY!!
Perfect for online shopping addict like me!
I've already join their mailing list HERE!!
Hope you girls can enjoy shopping with them!! (: (:

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