Hong Kong Part 2, to Guangzhou

After my course in HK, we pack up and prepare to take a train to Guangzhou!
I love this 2 in 1 trip where I can actually visit 2 countries! (:

I forgot how much the train tickets are, maybe abt S$20 - $40? and its jus a few hours train ride!

the train ride was quite comfortable, i slept throughout! lol!

our "meal"

sis and i (: zero make up OMG!
one thing i really have to rant is my square jaw :(

this is the handicapped toilet door.
the english?

my spacious hotel room!! wayy bigger than the hotel in HK! lol
its call Guangzhou Hotel (:
we got sooo unlucky that day, it jus so happen that one of their train line (jus like our north east line and circle line) to our hotel is CLOSED on the very same day!
thus we walked quite a distance to our hotel!

we went to this dim sum place at the hotel, apparantly its quite famous..
and we ordered ALOT of dimsums~

waiting for food~
even the locals go 0.0" upon looking at the amount of food we order~

and we couldnt share table with people.. theres barely space for the others to place their food.. haha!

we made way to this long street and we spent most of our time there~
its endless shopping!!

this large coca cola can stall sells overpriced popcorn =x
so jus take a picture will do~

the thing about shopping there is, they jack up the prices ALOT jus because we are foreigners,
and because we are foreigners from Singapore, we know how they work.
so we can slash the prices by more than 50% to buy what we want.
If not we can jus leave, they WILL certainly call u back (:
i bought this pair of pretty flats at 60RMB.. which is initially 168RMB~~
slashed price by more than 50% !! thanks to my aunt (:

we had MacDonalds for supper (:

super cool name~~ Chicken wings that forgets their shape. lol!

and this cool sauce that comes along with the nuggets (:

the next day we went to this famous noodle restaurant (:
their beef noodle is famous but i order wanton noodle instead~

my aunt and me~

chestnut jelly (:

beef noodle (:

beef hor fun~
again our over-ordering meal~

some beautiful architectual~

we spent most of out time in this Toy City.. lol~
they dont jus sell toys but furnitures, pretty displays, earpiece, bags etc !
funny, i didnt take any photos while im there~
club sandwich!

chicken cutlet!
as we have tooo many things to pack, we bought ourselves new luggages!

my aunt's astroboy luggage!!............................................................ which broke immediately after packing!!! :(

the printings was sooo pretty!! thank goodness we can change to another durable one.. but no more astroboy :(

last day there~~
last min shopping!!!!

astroboy stall!
we didnt get the luggage from this shop, so expensive! lol~~

MacDonald breakfast (:
guess what~ its only 6RMB, which is abt S$1.20 for Mac breakfast!

LOOK at this.
jus 2 days ok~

so we took train back to HK..
next post will be Wax Museum, HK Disneyland! (:

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