My HK Trip!! Part l

apologies for neglecting this space!
i got sooo busy with work right after i'm back!
first is my 22nd birthday (old already), then is work & work!

i got sooo shag at the end of each day and im soo tired to blog!!
today is 10 Oct, i attended to many brides few days ago and decorate their nails for their big day!

thus im more free today, jus had a shoot then family dinner..
Toshi told me to blog =x
i took an hour to sort out pictures! i got ALOT to blog about!

I'll start with my HK trip first (:
i went to HK & Guangzhou in Sept along with my sister, aunt and her friend!

we took Tiger Airways, thank goodness there was no delay or whatsoever!
my air ticket costs me about $350 (:

traveling with my aunt is good, we can save alot on transport. jus take train and bus throughout! lol!
we went to purchase tickets for Airbus to Mongkok!

my elder sis!

I stayed at this Wei Li Lai Hotel in Mongkok!
its jus a few minutes walk from Mongkok MTR! (MTR is our MRT here)
the room is really small, but they have a clean and pretty toilet. and its jus S$70 per night! very very affordable!

dirty towels!
my face is ZERO make up! my aunt says i scare people with my makeup-less face =(

this is Chelsea at the hotel lift~

each room has different decorations. and this is my room light! so pretty right!

small and clean toilet (:
theres like no space to put my skincare, cosmetics etc~ we put them on top of the toilet bowl~

my aunt's room light! so unique right!

i put on make up so as not to scare the pple in HK, then off we go and spent our half day in Mongkok streets!

at my aunt's room!
we had lunch at this noodle place, dont know why the pictures cant be uploaded! arghh~~ i'll jus load them on fb
next we went to this famous dessert shop call 许留香 and had ALOT of dessert.
i think i ate tooo many mango, my stomach got upset right after for the next few days, bloated like a pregnant woman!

my aunt, her friend and my sister!

Hokkaido cream pudding and durian mochi!

Mango sago pomelo!

i forgot what is this called but as you can see, is mango and coconut (:

the above comes in a set like this. MANGO again~
apparantly this shop is famous for their mango dessert..

next we went to Mongkok Center, its HUGE..
we spent most of our time there and I started SHOPPING.

love these Rilakkuma products~

sooo かわい!!

this is one of the many bubble tea shops there!
and u can jus buy from any random bubble tea shops there, they taste equally good! much better than the overwhelming sweet talk outlets here =x

we shared this pudding milk tea~
ahhh puddingggg^

then its dinner!

this is my light dinner, my stomach was beginning to bloat like a 4 month pregnant woman and its in bearable pain state already!

my main purpose to HK is to attend nail art workshop conducted by a famous Japanese instructor!
next morning, all of us went for breakfast and made our way to Causeway Bay (:
Chelsea and I went for the workshop while the rest enjoy themselves!

busy choosing what to eat.

some dumpling~

super oily egg~

the "Po Lo Bao"

im superr excitedd!!

I went to the Charterhouse Hotel for the nail course!

theres my instructor on the left!

jus a few photos from the workshop to show u all how awesome my instructor is!


shes very clear in her explanation (:

my messy table!

super excited trying out what i jus learn. lol

miss Chelsea doing her ハート~

me and instructor (:
i think is the angle problem, or im really very big size standing beside her.. shes sooo petite!

day 2~

Chelsea and I made way to the workshop ourselves,
we were super early thus we help ourselves with breakfast~

i think we ordered to much!
i stuff myself with food into the bloated stomach~
i told Chelsea if i were to "sayang" my stomach in the MTR sure got pple let me have their seats.
this is how BIG my stomach is.
really painful :(

shall end this post with a photo of food! (:
i learn my fair bit of nail art and new techniques ~
and next post will be Guangzhou!!
*text has been deleted, no more gossips*
i jus wanna tell that person:
Stop telling lies about me to people and I will stop telling the truth about you.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

your fringe is very neat and straight, is there any spray or wax you use to hold your fringe in place?

Do share. thanks!

Anonymous said...

How u get to know the sch in hk in the first plc?

Junying said...

1st anon: i blow my fringe with hairdryer (: i don't apply any spray or wax (:

2nd anon: i got to know this workshop by doing research~ its not a nail school..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Junying... Aww your fringe really super neat and straight leh =( I have to apply something to keep it in place =(