Hong Kong Part 3

I forgot whether i mentioned about my bloated painful stomach in HK, I ate this medicine call Ranitidine and I felt so much better (:

So i got back to HK and prepare to head to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (: i think i muz at least visit that place once in my lifetime! sis n i took a train and we walk to take this tram at The Peak ~

lovely building which im not sure what the name is..
but right behind me where i took this photo, is another tall building, where the atrium area is FILLED WITH MAIDS.
jus like how maids in Singapore gather at Lucky Plaza? imagine that x30 times more!
they're having some picnic and chit chat sessions there!~
nice gathering place perhaps?

we bought tickets for the tram and to e muesum~
i FORGOT to buy tickets to the sky park ARGH!!
heres a series of pictures i took in the museum!
no Jackie Chan cos i have to pay! lol!

ahhh~~ jus nice, at his shoulders =p

im not really a fan of him, jus for fun (:

heres Madame Tussauds (:
i read about how this museum came by, its really interesting~
i admire her passion and believes!
heres how Donnie Yen's wax figurine was sculpted~

cool right!!

not a fan of Hitler~
i remember one of e passage where it wrote that Madame Tussauds museum in i-forgot-which-country caught fire and ruin ALL her wax figurines, EXCEPT Hitler's.
where all love stories came about (:

this is funny.. see below!!

sis trying to act Sadako!
there were people watching ok~

Astroboy! my aunt is gonna be soo jealous!

learning some Yong Chun with "Ip Man"

too bad i wasn't wearing a skirt~~ heehee

whats with his HEIGHT?


Michael Jackson!

"Com'on! Im hanging up on you~~~"

Anita Mui!~~

I had my fun at the museum and i rushed to Lan Kui Fang with sis to meet Lylian!
my customer!! she moved to HK with her husband!
i never imagine myself meeting my customer in another country!~~
we had Thai food for dinner as that place serves tourists more, they serve malaysian, thai food etc~
addictive tim yum soup!

grilled sotong~ which i dont eat =x

this is prawn cake (:

Lylian and her husband!


I have been to Lan Gui Fang!

then we had drinks right after.
oh gosh..... i cant drink.. and look at the shots and alcohol on e table.
not many but its alot for me!

vomited right after i stepped into my hotel room.
and i took a good night rest for DISNEYLAND the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*till then!!

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