Majolica Majorca Chapter 28 : Queen Of Decoration

I was so excited about MJ's new chapter and was cracking my brain to go for the meeting with a different outfit! (:

wore a rock chic style!~

plus i have a good hair day^^ perfect!

I saw Kanny & Audrey first and we had a little catching up session before the other ambassadors arrive (:

and *drumrolls* ....................................

ta-dah!! MJ has done it again!!

lovely decoration of the venue with MJ Chapter 28 : Queen of Decoration theme!!!!

i absolutely love this kind of deco on tables!

got chocolates somemore (: heehee^

one of their latest product on display!

shall introduce it to you babes later on!

i HEART the japan model for MJ to the max!

she always gives me this mysterious feel and she really portray MJ products really well!

I can't believe my eyes when i saw these =x

MJ actually flew in the actual wardrobe clothings used during the shoot in JAPAN!

and we get to try them on (:

Audrey (:

when we saw her in this pretty maxi, we asked her "did u make this dress yourself?"


if you realise, the clothing on the right has newspaper decorations on it!

and the goregous piece on the left, is decorated by many many charms!

Indulging ourselves in the food!!!

sparkling juice (:

me and nadnut!!! (;

lovely yanny (:

cam-whore =x

Audrey & Nadnut!

Group photo (:

i get to try on the gorgeous vest used in the photoshoot in Japan (:

and its really heavy!!

salute to the model and the designer that made this vest!

food yum yumm~

then it was introducing the new chapter products!

3 new colour palettes in the Jeweling Eyes series!

Eyes Reset Gel!

What is it? You'll find out later!

then we were given these (above) and a mirror with wooden frame (:

we were having a mirror decoration session!! i love doing girl stuff together!!

in the midst of decorating hehe~~

all of us were trying our best to use our imagination and create a beautiful frame for the mirror!

and this is my work! ehe how is it?

i seldom work on such huge surfaces as my workspace is normally very small. =x


here what i receive in my press kit (:

im going to do a tutorial on doing a unique eye make up!!


There are 3 new additionals to the Jewelling Eyes Series!!

It is inspired by the colours in classical Baroque painting (:

I love the sparkling effect from Jewelling Eyes!

Their colour combination for this series is very unique! thus inspire me to create the look im doing below! (:

Retailing at $27.50 ..

Mascara is very important too!

Now let me introduce to u babes the Las Gorgeous Wing Neo!

This mascara is newly formulated with loads of jet-black fibers for fuller and more voluminous lashes!!

Of course its impervious to perspiration, skin oils and tears!!

This mascara is different from the previous chapter, my lashes were much much longer with Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo!

It retails at $25.90

Time to remove my make up!

For MJ mascara, I always have to use an oil base remover.

Now they hear our cries and created the PERFECT FORMULA to remove eye makeup!!

(product visual)

Eye Reset Gel ~~

This is a gel type remover that can remove waterproof mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows!

It is formulated with treatment ingredients such as Vitamin E derivative and macadamia nut oil!

It can be wipe off for a quick & easy removal of your makeup!

Eye Reset Gel retails at $9.90 ~

Jus squeeze a little of Eye Reset Gel on a cotton pad and u can wipe your eye makeup off! (:

It really "melts" my eye makeup away!!

Hope you babes enjoy this makeup tutorial i did!! (:

and yippee to MJ Chapter 28 products!!

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