Behind the scenes!

i shall do a quick post before SK continues to complain my non-regular updates!
i have jus 10minutes to blog!!

usual preparation but jus this time, im shooting with AnHonestBoy too!
AnHonestBoy is a blogshop that sells super hot guy apparels!!

in the office with the peeps!

This is Zacson, new model for AnHonestBoy.. look at him!
His eyes has camera sensor (:

jus had a fringe cut, thus i look like a nerd everytime after a haircut~

with YS, Max, Simin and SK!

YS shooting~~

Find Zacson familiar?
He is one of the butler for Atelier Royale!

i kept this cardigan! u can buy for your bf/gf!! (:

funny things we do~~

ok back to work!!!

Stay tune at Odorikoya and AnHonestBoy !!
Christmas is coming! u can pick your favourite apparels for the ocassion or buy a gift for your loved ones!


Musicalhouses said...

Lol! I love behind-the-scehes posts like this, all the impromptu pics are so funny :)

ruky said...

hi junying, where do u get your haircut? it look pretty in you.

Junying said...

musicalhouses - thankss!!

ruky - i cut my hair at a neighbourhood salon near my place! email me if u wanna know!