Blogshop Model Experience

i just spent the past hour loading all photos for this post (:

anyway, Odorikoya has jus launched their latest collection!

and here are my loots for this collection! i think this is the collection where i kept the most clothings! hey its CNY :x

this gorgeous heels is really pretty and comfy~

this lovely manufactures dress comes in a few lovely colours (:
i kept the champagne colour~

this navy colour look so much better in real life! (:

this is perfect for picnic! i think this is a cheerful top, lol

time really flies, SK and I were counting how long have i model for Odorikoya.

almost 2 years already! hahaha~

heres a bunch of photos to share during our outdoor shoot!
SK borrowed this awesome camera lens which requires her to be like 5m away from me to shoot! such wide lens! lol!

the day was really hot and i had to change outfits in her friend's car!

it was a fun afternoon, but SK told me that many commented that indoor shoots are better! lol..

what a hot day. we started shooting at 12noon~

this poor girl have to shoot me on the road :(

i think i am airing my armpit

i totally forgot how come i did that.

this is currently one of my favourite outer wear (: love the shoulder design.
its a buy from HK~

with Cheryl (:

me doing makeup for SK, first time taking "family portrait" with her (:

Odorikoya outing (:
we went to bugis junction and try the Japan sweet & dessert buffet or something.
erm don bother trying :(

theres timing somemore..
the food isnt worth my time eating.

i model for her blogshop for like almost 2 years already, and only one outing?

recent shoots

that day we had a sinful dinner
first time shoot till midnight!

this is the coconut tree dance pose

most recent shoot (:

making myself look good~

im stealing noodle from SK's fav cup noodle.. this woman will suffer from hair loss if she keeps on eating these junk food!

juicy satay!!


part of our shoe collection~

I LOVE THIS. should i make this my blog header instead? (:
we tried this pose a few times until my butt cramp. hahaahah~

i look so happy (:
Support AnHonestBoy too!!!

I'm happy that i have a chance to model for Odorikoya (: all thanks for Sk's 好眼光。
haha i think she cannot stand my unglam-ness and high-ness during shoot.
i have shown her my "true self" on shoot. ahahahhhaa!!
and thanks to her, i met my current bf (:

SK, i love u ok!
more outings pls!!

sadly i got no photos with Dandzelia peeps.
Dandzelia is owned by a lovely couple which they have their own home studio, the girl's mum is really friendly!
sometimes i shoot till late with them and her mum will make dinner for me (:


Dirtybling is owned by 2 lovely young girls! lol! cannot stand both of their jokes!
and they love that i model damn fast. hahahah!
and please, the P joke. hehehehe!


my latest addition (:

i had really long nails during my last shoot with them,

and these 2 poor things had to tie shoelace for me!! so embarrass to hav them do that for me!
im not so "da pai" ok! so sorry!!


love their wedgess (:


recently i model for The Design Closets!
the owners are such lovely ladies! and i will always remember the date i met them,
it was on 31.12.2010.
amanda! lovely model! she is really skinny!

and she has such small face~ i should hide behind her face when taking photos!

with amanda and cheryl, one of the owners of TDC (:
sadly i can only meet them after CNY!
this is a really long post with lots of photos!
well, my full time job is actualy doing nails at home.
my part time job is doing modeling which i mainly do blogshop modeling now (:

i enjoy all my shoots with all blogshop owners, we became friends and also can talk about almost anything (:
its like catching up session everytime i see them.
im lucky enough that i can do what i like as my full time job (:

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