Danzation + Random 2010~

random note after viewing my tagboard. (yea and its removed! having tagboard USE TO be fun.)
for the 248249202522th time,


(sorry but I am not from China, whats with e sterotyping anyway??)
pardon me but I get quite annoyed when people keep on asking.

comment on my blog post or email me junying_88@hotmail.com in future! (:

Im glad to be actually sitting down and watch the performance as an audience.
but sadly, I'm not performing. :(

ANYWAY, Danzation 2011 was a blast. i really love all the new genres that NRA crew has put together.
and the external items showcase how many talented dancers there are in Singapore!

Heres e the link to NRA Crew item, please watch them! its 20 minutes!!

it was my best friend, Stella's wedding the next day.
So i act pro and wanted to take a bus to Simei where shes stays.
landed myself at geylang for supper.
126 dim sum!!!
im craving for it as i type this blog post!

i will blogg more on Stella's wedding soon!
here are some random pics!
yay redemption!!

and more redemptions!

GIGANTIC Rilakkuma i receive from Zijuan and Stella~~

my sec sch fren n his gf...
im lucky to grab this shot~

my sec sch frens~

lovely trina babe!
whom is happily married now and gg to be a hot mama!

felicia dear~
forever high when im with her!
amelia jap jap (:
had a short catch up session with her! which apparantly is not enough!
(sorry i forgot to rotate the photo!!)

me and amanda!
i had a photoshoot with The Design Closets on NYE! not bad i still work on NYE~ heehee
this girl is very skinny~~

with amanda and cheryl!
u can visit The Design Closets to buy yr CNY clothings!
ok random post!
i jus sort out 1000+ photos from my camera ytd!
i have ALOT to blog about!

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SummerLove™ said...

oh, don't let it bother you.. it was probably just a casual question.

one thing's for sure: you're gorgeous =P