A little fed up

i see blogshops owners deal with fussy customers.
im lucky enough that my nail customers are always happy with my work and doesn't complain.

but with the upcoming CNY, im quite fed up with customers who keep on trying their luck and ask me soooo many times whether i have slots.

"can try to squeeze me in?

"really no slots already? but i really like your work!"

erm... NO?

as much as i would love to earn your money, but i simply have no more slots already.
so sorry. please arrange an appointment with me earlier can?

and this is the sentence which kind of made me quite fed up,

"im willing to pay u more"

so am i suppose to cancel the appointment that pays me lesser and slot u in jus bcos u're willing to pay me more?
haiz... babes. please don talk to me like that can?


i cant believe CNY is in less a month away..
and my peak period is coming. i hope i can overcome this period without falling sick.

and the money earned must be saved up.
after CNY, i have to start preparing for another exciting mission (:

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