Majolica Majorca 2nd year anniversary!!

I wanna congratulate MJ for being in Singapore for 2 years!

Time really flies! and I've been an MJ ambassador a year!~

I receive an invitation kit and this is what i receive in the kit ~

invitation in a scroll! i really appreciate the effort MJ peeps put in for all of us at every gathering!

so i prepare myself and off to Ngee Ann City Watsons!

look at the selection of MJ products at the Watsons outlet! (:

this is a story of this girl call Michiko on how she didn't accept her colourless life, and she met a magnificiant bird and her quest for the 4 keys to make her life full of myriad colours!!

with Cordelia, Kanny and Audrey!~

with Felicia!! she puts in alot off effort for this gathering!!

and Stella too! i didnt manage to take a photo w her~~

Cordelia LOVES ME!!~

This is where the magnificiant bird gave Machiko 4 keys in which each represents - foundation, eyeliner, jeweling eyeshadows and mascara~~

with the quest completed, Machiko had a beautiful transformation!!~

with pretty Audrey!!~

next we make our way to Orchard Central, Jewels~

Felicia and Stella!!!

Indulging ourselves with dinner then dessert!!~

Jewels serves the finest dessert and i LOVE the ambience!

quite a nice place for a date and chilling out with your friends!~

this hazelnut ice cream is the best!!

this photo makes my stomach growl~~

then we had hands on activites! to make our own bookmark!!~~

one last group photo for MJ ambassadors!!

As I've mention about the 4 keys, they are:

-Skin remaker pore cover

-Perfect Automatic Liner

-Lash Beautiful Frame Plus

-Jeweling Eyes

Together, they are the key to beautiful transformation!

I've done a simple look using the keys above!~~

i added fake lashes to enhance my eye makeup!

im currently using Perfect Autoliner!

they are very easy to use and I have them in other colours too!

when you are feeling relax and don't want to put harsh makeup on, choosing a different colour eyeliner other than black actually tones down the harshness on your eyes (:

As for me, I wear purple eyeliner when I put on light make up (:

and avoid thick lines!

i love the shimmery effect from jeweling eyes! the glitters are very fine and it gives off sparkles on my eyelids!

Lastly, Lash Beautiful Frame Plus.

MJ has mascara base which is one of their best selling item!

Jus like makeup base, U want to also nourish your lashes before coating them!

I didn't apply very dark eyeshadows but i can still make my eyes sparkle!

Thanks to Jeweling Eyes!

Shall end off this post which a photo of me!

Congrats to MJ!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi , you use MJ's mascara right ? What make up remover do you use ? Cause I find it hard to remove the mascara . Thanks !