Time to make some resolutions!

i wanted to recap what i've done in 2010 but i really don hav much time to do so =x
and i pasted my resolutions last yr and see whether i fulfil them (:

Resolutions in 2010:

1. Less junk food intake - FAIL LIKE MAD
2. Take Japanese lessons and COMPLETE them - im still taking jap (: yay^^
3. Improve on my nail art - i think i did quite well on that
4. Have another proud achievement in my nail career - hmmmm i think its the fruitful HK trip i had in September last yr~ and i did nails for a radio DJ's wife for their wedding on 10.10.10~
5. Save up my first $12k - *secret* :p
6. Do up proper "accounting" for my nail business rather then scribbling down on my organiser after each appointment - i did!!!! (:
7. Have good time management - dont think so
8. To dance again *hopefully* - HAIZ
9. EARN MORE $$$$$$$$$ - i shouldnt say i achieve it, cos no one will say they hav too much money
10. Have a wonderful love life (: - no it was like shit.


my new year resolutions for 2011 will be :

1. Continue my Japanese class
2. Have a balance lifestyle (i.e meet my frens often rather than meeting once in awhile to "catch up")
3. Hopefully to discover more nail art techniques
4. Master Gel and excel in both acrylic and gel nails
5. Open another savings account
6. Maintain my insurance policy plans
7. More hotel stayovers
8. Learn to pamper myself
9. To be able to travel more
10. Achieve the certificate which I've been dreaming of
11. Meet my Mr Right
12. To be able to stay attach to the same guy and I review my resolutions next year


it felt fun to be reviewing resolutions so that I can see whether im actually working towards what I want to achieve~
i adore my life at the moment, having a stable job and hey, i love of feeling of working from home. zero stress level as i don hav burdens. but of cos i cant do this forever, but i have other things that i wish to achieve while i can still plan my own free time.
so for now, i like my life.

i love doing modeling still, but currently im jus doing blogshops modeling (:
and im happy that my contract got renewed for Majolica Majorca 2011 ambassadors yay!!

and my love life - ok, its been quite a rough rd for me during e past year, i will not say it was really bad, but i gave up. I'm jus like any other girl who wish for the few simple things in a relationship. but i receive the minimal from him.
Im turning 23 this year, time REALLY flies. I think I shld be mature enough to know what I'm dealing with and theres no time to waste if I think its not going to work out.

This is call MOVE ON. (some idiot says Move On = avoid.)

I hav alot of backlogs which i hate piling them up. oh ya! i shld add a new resolution : to blog regularly, or at least have less than 3 backlogs!

Ok! its time for me to sleep! i have chores to do tomorrow!! :D
Good night!!

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