Majolica Majorca Chapter 30: Sugary Trap

Im excited to announce that I've been appointed as Majolica Majorca Ambassador 2011! (:

this is my 2nd year with MJ and I must say I'm proud and privilege to be part of the ambassador team again! (:

Unfortunately I wasn't to attend the launch :( thus I met Stella and I'm going to introduce the latest products in Capter 30 - Sugary Trap!

A little afraid?

Even so, you want to get closer

don't you?

I already know that.

If you come across sweet and rosy cheeks

You won't be able to look the other way

So.... what will you do?

I've done a tutorial for the ultimate sweet girl look, check it out in the later part of this post!

Cream Pencil Eyeliner

It comes in 2 colours! Black (BK999) and Brown (BR611)

-Smooth to touch. Glides effortlessly like a pencil but draws sharp lines

- Waterproof formula for a lasting finish

- Contains spherical powder particleses, fitting wax and flat adhesive powder

Retails at $14.50

Jewelling Eyes in 2 new shades!!

Caramelisee (BR631)

- Gold, silver and yellow pearl colour jus like roasted caramel

- For sweet eyes filled with gloss & depth

Strawberry Cake (PK330)

- White silver and red pearl is like strawberry shortcake with fresh cream and sprinkles on top

- Pink gradation colour for fresh & tangy eyes!

The name of these 2 shades already explained how yummy the eyeshadow colours are!

I love the sparkling effect MJ Jewelling Eyes have!

Both eyeshadows colours are limited edition!!
Retails at $27.50

Lash Expander Frame Plus (Limited Edition)

-New chocolate coloured liquid lengthening mascara

- Super lengthening liquid base and long jet black fibers

- Natural looking lashes with an eyeliner effect

- Contains Vitamin E and Macadamia Nut Oil to treat & enhances lashes

- Patent waterproof formula that is resistant to sebum and tears

The brown mascara is very natural looking, the colour isn't as harsh as black, thus very suitable for natural looking makeup!

Grab this limited edition product! While stocks lasts!

Retails at $25.90

Puff de Cheek

say YAY to MJ's cheek colourss!!

It comes in 4 colours (2 are limited edition!)

- Achieve rosy delivate looking cheeks

- Microparticle powder that fits softly and perfectly

- Stays bright and clear for hours and does not turn dull

- Contains macadamia nut oil

- Soft puff included

4 colours namely:

Peach Macaroon (PK301)

Apricot Macaroon (OR302)

Vanilla Macaroon (82) *limited edition*

Strawberry Macaroon (PK303) *limited edition*

Contents of Strawberry Macaroon

Retails at $22.90

Pressed Pore Cover

(2011 Limited Edition Case)

- Covers pores and leave skin smooth and fluffy soft like sugar candy

- Contains shine catch powder that prevents sine and greasiness

- Acne resistant formula

- Soft and delicate fine powder

Use this to set foundation and it will hav a soft finishingg!!

Retails at $33.90
All products will be available at all Watsons outlet in March (:

Heres what i receive in my Press Kit!
Below is a mini tutorial for u to achieve this sugary sweet girl look!

Chapter 30 introduces many new limited edition products that are worth the keep!!!

Grab yours at your nearest Watsons outlet! (:


Anonymous said...

Oh. The product look nice. But i think you overdid it. you look like you are gonna sing opera! You dare to go out like this?

Junying said...

anonymous: hi! which part do u think i overdid? (: the lips or e eyes? yes i don mind gg out like this (:

Anonymous said...

I think the eyes. Lip is nice. :)

Carolyn said...

don't worry!! I think it's amazing... it's just some people are too conservative with their make up they should play it up!!!