Stella's Hens Night (:

this post is backdated till 11 Dec 2010 (: which is one of my bestie, Stella Hens Night (:
i feel really excited and i wanna make it a special night for her.. i knew her for 6 years and never once we spend a night out!

Zijuan and I did some planning and we each have some task to fulfill to surprise Stella (:

we check in at Orchard Parade Hotel~ Zijuan lie to Stella that we are all meeting at night.

messy bed preparing our "gears"

pei shan doing last min make up!

LOOK AT THIS. heehee..

perfect wall decoration by Zijuan (:
tt sash wrote "Single Tonight Only"

gonna get ready!

cake from awfully chocolate!

writing my wishes~

one last group photo before we head to our destination~


the "sisters" wore black and the bride wore white (:
this is ginnie letting Stella sign the treaty of obligation!

i took the liberty to sew this veil on this tiara (:

and we're ready to embarrass this bride on the streets (:

eh wait! sing a song first!

we made pre arrangements with this cafe at Marina Square.. and got the singers there to invite Stella on stage to sing a song.

yes we made her walk around with her "gears" on~

and we took MRT. hahaha!!

then we proceed to our next task!
i have interesting videos but its too large to post it here. lol

we made little "task cards" which she has to fulfill all of it!

she has to find guys to kiss her hand!
we initially wanted kiss on e cheek but well, change of plans. lol

i was happily snapping photos with my polaroid.

stella "erm mister can u kiss my hand?"
mister "what?"

apparently tt night was zoukout, all the good looking guys are reduced to minimal.

desperate woman.

next location!

more tasks!
inside is instructions of which guy to find and do instructed poses.

"Find a guy who is 100kg above, pull his hair and ear"


"Find a young boy and propose to u"

ok la this guy look young in real life. :p

after the tasks we quickly rush back to hotel and paste all polaroid photos on the board we made while stella accompany ginnie to 7-eleven!

damn fun night!

happy girl :D

our presents (:

indeed a fun filled night! love staying up and have girls talk!

bride and the "devils"

group photos~

Now my fren is happily married on 8 Jan 2011. ahhh time flies.. now 2 of my besties are married and im still single. lol!
im really happy for them to have found their Mr Right. no words can describe my blessings to them and i want the best for them.
they are always there for me whether rain or shine, i really couldnt ask for more. i use to be a "boyfriend person" and tend to neglect my friends when i was younger, now i see friends more important than bf.
i wanna do something for their wedding, i wanna help them if i can. i cried on their wedding day, very touching.. haha. i still do smile when i recall the marriage day.. lol
shall blog about it soon!


mef said...

Hi Jun ying !

I saw you the other day at sushi tei, takashimaya & you look really pretty & slim! Was scared to say hi to you cause you were w your friend

Junying said...

mef - next time jus come up and say hi!! hehe im friendly!!

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