random flower shots~

yes i went to Taj Mahal!

boy standing on a pile of leftover food.

one of the many heartfelt moment.
jus some of the many photos i took in india~
well its very disheartening to see them beg from u, but u cant do anything cos e others will swarm to u like bees. then u see how the older children snatch from younger ones.
so u know how fortunate we are, but humans are never satisfied with what we have.
Well i learnt quite a bit of stuff over the trip, that 人要活在当下.
this is a very interesting and cheem phrase, the meaning of it kind of trigger my mind and make me think.
You cannot linger in the past, those are memories that cant be change, the more you think back it will jus reflect more on the mistakes u made, even if u found the root to your present trouble, theres nothing u can do to rectify the problem. You will regret, and "what if" will pop into yr mind.
You cannot predict the future, even if u set a positive mindset towards it, you might fall deeper if the outcome isn't what u expected.
So we should just life happily at the present moment, cherish your loved ones, be contented with what you have. Live a fulfilling life (:


SummerLove™ said...
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SummerLove™ said...

Haha, the swarm of children.. Experienced it many times in China too =/

You went India for? Doesn't look like holiday to me.


Junying said...

zhiyan - i followed my parents go "bai bai" :)

SummerLove™ said...

Woah, that's interesting =]
Usually only hear people going to Thailand.