My Best Friend's Wedding (:

a very outdated post. my best friend, Stella's wedding on 8 Jan!
the usual have to wake up at a oh-so-early 5am and bath then get ready!

me still in my PJs! thats zijuan behind with her magical erm piece of thingy to secure her fringe. haha

i seriously miss my long hair.
thank god for all the available mirrors at stella;s place, we were able to get ready on time!

the games station we've prepared!
and e sky is still dark..

Zijuan with her makeup done!

after im done with mine, i did make up for stella's mum, she was so excited till she didnt sleep the whole night!

Peishan and Zijuan! they are blood sisters!

Zijuan and her "Ah Lao"



we're having briefing. haha~

*peep peep*

the sian face on the groom after reading the tough questions for gatecrashing~

this is simply hilarious!
it was his cheque to the sisters! please la no value! its worthless!

they have to bite off all the marshmallows without using their hands!

a lucky brother had to dip his feet in while e rest of the brothers dig for majong tiles to form a word~


finally the ang bao decided to show itself (:

counting the money~

there goes the groom to fetch his wife!

and off they go to the groom's place!

see this! its customized for their wedding!

hello hello!

ginnie and i (:

love stella's gown~
gg to serve tea for her in-laws~
Zijuan, u r already married. GIVE THOSE TO ME LAH.
lovely wedding shots in their room~

then we went to this ermm... i forgot where for the couple to take some video shots
friends forever!

stella look so stunning in her Kua.

ginnie and amanda!
this babe flew back from USA to attend e wedding!
lovely cupcakes for the wedding reception~
so kawaii!!

they invited people from live studio to take unlimited shots for guest and they print it out immediately (:
gorgeous bride!!!
Another best friend married, i attended Zijuan's ROM few years back, and i jus attended Stella's wedding on Jan.
Im so happy for them, seeing them blissfully married, how can I not be influenced as well?
well apparently my love life is kind of sucky.
time hasnt ripe for me yet so i guess i shld jus concentrate on my career first.
虽然我们的世界差别很大,可是只要我是真心爱你,不管遇到什么样的困难都能克服,可是现在我清楚,是我想的太简单了。我不会有任何改变,你也不会。 你有属于你的世界,我也应该回到属于自己的世界里。

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