My short hair.

I model for Dressies Closet last week (:
heres a preview of their latest collection which is going to launch on 25 April, 4pm!!

ps. i kept that maxi dress in black! (:

heres me camwhoring with my short hair.
i still do miss my long hair, but i can curl my current hair and have 2 looks (:

did i mention i use a straightener to curl my hair?
i demonstrated it to a few of my customers hehe.

went for steamboat dinner with amelia, shimin and my secondary sch frens (:

with shimin and amelia (:
i was still having my stomach upset but i went ahead with the Ma La soup

most of the guys in this picture are my friend's friend instead.. im older than them!!
i miss having steamboat already^
april is coming to an end. how did u spent yours?
i enjoy spending a balanced lifestyle.

Life isn't jus about earning the numbers in your bank account, I jus feel that I work for nothing.
I enjoy meeting up with different group of my friends, catch up with them even if its just a simple dinner.
If you dont make the effort, friends will turn into acquaintances, finally to strangers.

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