Nail Art Lesson (:

A mini continuation from my ranting post below. I need to make a little clarification (:
Yes i do have my low morale period when my nail business isn't picking up, there were this particular someone who helped me n gave me alot of advices, her name is Rachel and she is my nail school principal.
- i did not ask or bother any manicurist, but i pestered rachel :p

She has been a teacher, friend, my mentor (:
I do ask her weird questions even after i graduated from Pink Room, which now i think back i find it stupid. haha!

anyway, Rachel gave me a nail art lesson sometime ago (last year, oops) and i only blogged abt it now!
it was a VALUABLE lesson and i learnt alot of new techniques from her!
and here is my end product after that few hours of teaching!

cupcake with strawberry and whipped cream! all made from scratch (:
i made these donuts and chocolate then stick them on!
it is tedious to make, but its pretty isn't it?
ice cream on a stick with colourful flakes (:
and here is Rachel's work with tt amazing cupcake i mentioned jus now! i soooo want these on my own nails!!
which girl can resist this?!!
Rachel also conduct other classes for students who wants to advance their nail art skills!!
Hello Kitty and My Melody!! Super kawaii!!
and cute doggies!!!
Interested babes do hop over to PINK ROOM WEBSITE for more information on their latest classes!! (:
and also be a fan at their FACEBOOK PAGE!!


Anonymous said...

Where do you cut your hair? Your bangs are nice!
Hope you don't mind sharing. How much it it too?

Rach. :D

Junying said...

hii! i cut it at salon vim (: