Shes getting engage!

everytime i chat with my customers, we will always stumble upon general topics like relationships, skincare, marriage life, pregnancy etc.

We will reach an age where we are attending countless 21st birthday parties, drying up your pockets.
And in future, we will receive countless invitation to your friend's wedding! hehe..

random shot on a random day. i forgot when i took this, but i love my hair (:

Anyway, I met my secondary school bestie Elizabeth on 5 April which is a day before her birthday (: been ages since we met up although we both stay at toa payoh :x

We went to Ion for dinner, i let her pick the place, my treat (:

i always never fail to order garlic bread. its my favourite!!

this pretty girl!

my chicken ~

her pasta~

we werent full from dinner and we were hunting for another location to continue our non stop chatting.
to NYDC for dessert.. i crave for mudpie! sinful^^

super satisfying :D

my only shot with Elizabeth! damn this ang moh spoil the photo behind, i cropped him away. lol~
On 6 April, Elizabeth's bf proposed to her!!! another friend of mine getting married!


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