Sorry for being mean.

I have an interesting story to share with my readers (:
Some of u r students, OL or simply jus stalk my blog cos u like me or u don like me.. hehe

Well, I realize as I grow older, I do meet different kinds of people. Recently, or maybe.. since LAST YEAR, i had an interesting encounter with this particular girl.
Lets name her Miss R.

Shes a fellow manicurist like me who does homebase business but quite far away from me, but she holds a full time job as well. She sms me once asking me where did i buy my nail products, and if im not comfortable telling her, its ok.
I source for these products myself, so I feel they are exclusive to me, so i didn't tell her.

And then I met her in person last year, she came to get her nails done by me.
Yup u're right, manicurists come to me to get their nails done (: I recognize her e moment i see her, but i didnt expose her at all. and she PRETENDED to be someone else and indirectly asks me WHERE DID I PURCHASE MY NAIL PRODUCTS which I've already answered her thru sms.
She thought I couldnt recognize her.

If u're someone that has no knowledge for nails, you wouldn't go "Hey, u're using Charisma products!" and "U know, i stay at XXX area, i walk around there and realize that the people there seldom do nail extensions, how did u get so many customers that come to u for nail extensions ah?"

SERIOUSLY? I feel like laughing. I didn't expose u Miss R.
Instead I did answer u nicely right?

-end of our first meet up-

Then Miss R feels that I didn't answer her questions enough and began to EMAIL me instead.
*click the below image to enlarge*


Each email consists of one or two questions.
I'll jus briefly write down her questions to me:

1. I need you to inject passion into me
- she finds tt shes losing passion in her job cos its not stable enough, so i encouraged her to hang on.

2. How do u expand your extensions customer base?
- This is the 3rd time I'm answering this question, first is thru SMS, then in person Miss R asked me indirectly, and now thru EMAIL (: I think I've answered enough

3. Random nail technical questions which my nail school already taught. These questions alone already took up like 5 emails.
- Let me remind you again. UV top coat cannot be applied over nail polish, it will crack. (:

4. Miss R decided to quit her full time job and do nails at home full time like me. So she needs advice or encouragement from me.
- Did I say anything mean to discourage her? No I didn't, I told her "the only thing that can drive u on is to make this work (: it took me 6 months, you can do it (:"
and after sending her this, she MIA for 2 weeks and decided to email me AGAIN.

5. Miss R also decided that she wants to take Japan Nail Exam, and asks me for advice AGAIN since I also want to take this exam.
- I told her to study Japanese first since the theory is in Japanese. and I asked her to go to my nail school principal for help since its so complicating to type down everything in the email.

6. Having a few ideas to make her own nail business work, she emailed me again and asks me "I wanna ask u , normAlly if u approach a modelling agency telling them tat u r able to offer manicure for their models , perhaps on a long term basis, wad do u wish to get in return?"
- I answered her "Hmmm... For me, I work alone, thus I will prefer a short term basis like on per job basis.. Maybe 5 times? I don wan e agency to abuse this offer. Moreover, if I'm e one who suggest this proposal, I will only ask for more exposure in return, no monetary terms involve. :)"

and she answered me
"Alright .
So which means if it's you approaching the agency , u won't charge on them ? But u would suggest short term basis like 5 times ?
If the entertainment agency is a big one and they have quite a number artiste , wouldn't it be like not earning since not charging them? "


the funny thing is, Miss R uses her FACEBOOK email to email me, I jus did a little search and there pops your pretty face.

-end of emailsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-

Miss R has a twin sister, which kind of make me super confuse who is who, her sister actually FACEBOOK MESSAGE me.

This time not about nails.
She asked me to help out in her 5 min short film project in school! -.-

well i never knew I was so multi-talented. so i kindly rejected her offer. Sorry I prefer posing for photographs (:

-end of facebook message-

Mayb bcos I didnt reply to Miss R's email, she actually forward the email to my gmail account too, which I didn't see it till last night.

So few days ago, she decided to WHATSAPP ME! yay^^
She asked if i learnt my Hello Kitty nail art from Japan. (No dear, I learnt it from a Japanese teacher who conducted a workshop in HK)
She say shes choosing some nail art courses in Japan and would like to ask if theres any seminars/courses that I've taken there before.

then she started to ask me MULTIPLE QUESTIONS about the Japan nail exam AGAIN.
got this Pre exam course, what to prepare, bring my own nail model blah blah blah~

there it is, BOOM. I've reached my limit already.

and instead of bombing her with my displeasure. I replied her
"I don really know how to answer your qn eh. Cos I've not taken the course before, maybe Rachel or any staff in PR can answer that? You should understand whats the exam abt n see what is tested first then see the exam dates. Then ready le, let rachel know, then you can go for Pre-JNA, rachel will let u know what to do"

MEANWHILE, I end the whatsapp conversation with her.
I started to type the mean stuff below.

*click to enlarge, read from bottom upwards*

Ok, I am mean. Sorry but u really asked toooooo many questions.
I use to follow Miss R on twitter but I unfollow her since i-forgot-when.
So to check whether she got my message anot, I went to search for her twitter timeline.

Yup, she did read my tweets and she expressed how depressed she was after reading it.
I kind of forgot what exactly she wrote, but she said something like she was merely admiring my works and didnt know it actually bothers me.

So lastly, I wrote on my twitter again:

-end of my twitter rant-

I felt kind of irritated when you have to repeatedly ask the same questions again and again.
My products were exclusive to me thus I'm not willing to share. Am i selfish?

You don go asking Topshop or Miss Selfridge where they manufacture their clothes right? -.-
U're my competitor too, but i encouraged u to hang on to your business even though its not picking up. I told u 3 times what u should do to expand your customer base, theres no shortcut to every successful business, (not saying I am, im still working hard) u have to make it work.

i didn't expose u when i met u, so now, why did u have to pretend to be someone else when u meet me? Jus freaking tell me u're a manicurist!
and fyi, i lied about the shop at Redhill, sorry!

I didn't have anyone to encourage me, tell me what to do back then.
I know after typing all these, u're gg to deem me as a mean person and like hate me forever, but i dont care already. I don't suddenly jus don like a person, its all these accumulative stuff tts irritating me.
and i guess u r emailing other manicurists as well? I think u better not.

To people that don know me, u can judge me.
But to my friends and customers who knows me,

I'm a nice and chatty human being, so please,

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Hi Junying ,

Im your reader

I support you. Every trade have their own secert which cant be share. it took time and effort to make things work. Just like fashion blogshop owner will never share who is their supplier .

Don be too kind in sharing this, is your rice bowl !

You have my support.!


The Bimbo said...

I'm glad you gave it to her in the end. Some people just need to learn to be independent and wake up! Kudos to you for being so patient already.

SummerLove™ said...

You aren't mean, you're just way too nice =P