Wild Honey & Level 33

had a girl outing with Xiangyu last weekend :D
she waited for me to get ready after my appointment, i cant decide what to wear, in e end we had the same style of outfit (picture at the end of this post)

Im soooooo into wedges these days!
shorts + wedges
high waist skirt + wedges
tunic + wedges

ok im done!! put on my favourite blazer :D

we went to town first then decide where to eat ~
in e end we settled for Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery.

Its my first time there, this place serves breakfast all day, the food is not bad but I feel its a little overpriced, bill came up to $60+ for 2 person.

waiting for food.

love this freshly made green apple juice, it has no ice in it!
the cup was warm so the drink isnt chilled.

my sinful italian choice breakfast, look at the cheese and bacon.... SINFUL.
the serving was very big, i couldnt finish it~

xiangyu's choice.. i forgot whats the name of this dish~

i gave her one of my yolk :p

ahhhh..... im hungry.

After dinner, we made our way to Marina Bay Financial Centre, this restaurant and bar call Level 33.
Needless to say, we spent like 3hrs+ there till they close.

my dessert call Dates, been wanting to try it the last time i went there..

camwhore wit my pinhole mode.

this is the PERFECT CHOICE. warm chocolate inside this cake!

lovely view outside (: theres is this outdoor balcony area, really windy haha~

outfit of the day (:
Top & Bottom : Cotton on
Blazer - Hong Kong
Wedges - Odorikoya

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