Advertorial: Inhouse Fashion

Few weeks ago i got the chance to model for Inhouse Fashion~ and the pretty owner gave me a few pieces of their pretty apparels and I shall split the advertorial into 2 parts as there are quite a number of clothings!

wore this lovely toga dress out (:
it has elastic waistband which i love it, i still prefer dresses that shows my waistline!

me in the dress with Trina dear.. shes due anytime already so i met her up!

another lovely piece of romper! it has a criss cross chest design!

a casual piece for a simple day out to town (:

Inhouse Fashion jus launch their latest collection!

this vintage piece is gorgeous!

Check out alot more designs at Inhouse Fashion !


SummerLove™ said...

Ha, you're a magician!

Heels in the first pic, flats in the others =P


Junying said...

maybe bcos its taken on different days?

SummerLove™ said...

Haha, why maybe? It must be, since you say so =]

And I just noticed, bag also different!