Before Trina give birth (:

Just a random day at town, meeting Trina and Chanel dear to catch up before baby Kayler says hi to this world (:
Dropped by Wild Honey and grabbed brunch!
Chanel dear (: shes such a lovely girl, i enjoyed bitching with these babes about heartless men. haha~

my american breakfast. Such a huge serving!
Funny how Trina's face is still so sharp despite being pregnant -.-"
Group shot. heres what girls with square jaws do, we use our hair to hide our huge face and we hide behind people to make our face look smaller.. heehee :p
Mum to be!
*constipated face*
then we went to 313 and have some dessert. sorry i forgot the name of the place.
and after dessert guess who i bumped into? (:

SK and Max! gosh I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!
Miss shooting with these crazy people! I'll only be modeling for Odorikoya when SK finishes her exams!
I've been following DamnItsTrue on twitter.
It has funny facts and of cos things that shout out what im thinking.
Take a look and you may find interesting reads (:

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