Happy Birthday Stella!

Stella's birthday falls on 29 April, so a night before i went to purchase her birthday cake and present (:
we actually planned to surprise her at her office and there were 突发状况 so in e end we went to her place and surprise her instead, her hubby came and pick 2 pretty girls up at toa payoh that morning :p

while waiting zijuan showed me this Meal Voucher she made (:

so cute ya? zijuan is seriously good making all these stuff, i love these simple stuff!

apple caramel cake (:

when i took this photo, that birthday girl was still inside her room watching tv without knowing we were sneaking outside in the living room!

*surprise look one*

*surprise look two*

*surprise look three*
had to put these cartoon emoticons to cover her sleepy look

happy girl :D

there she is blaming zijuan for the LIES.

cutting cake in her cute PJs.

Kelvin & Stella (:
then we went to MOF for lunch!
eh zijuan, if u realise, we keep having japanese food everytime we meet!! dont u think so??

i had light makeup that day, i woke up late and didnt have time for makeup!

my teriyaki chicken don!

i found the following photos at zijuan's fb and i couldnt find a DECENT looking photos of us -.-

thats me doing leg exercise at kbox, that was like a year ago.. lol!

taken with zijuan jus awhile back when her fringe is still in good shape :p

got her a white polaroid! and she tagged us this lovely photo on FB (:

Happy Birthday best friend!
i mean it isnt the most glamorous birthday celebration, but hey, its full of 甜甜蜜蜜 and sincere wishes from yr friends!! <3

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