Mother's Day Family Dinner

My family celebrated Mother's Day a week earlier and all of us went to Korean BBQ!
Dad drove and picked my grandma too (:

my mum and grandma (:
my aunt!
the BBQ was soso only :( unfortunately the restaurant was out of lettuce, i don get it. its like a prawn mee stall without prawns -.-

that night was meat overdose.

my mum and brother with his forehead full of "wrinkles"

my brother and my grandma. my brother is holding on to the last piece of the few pathetic lettuces served to us.

my aunt says she likes the smokey effect.

i didnt know korea serve cold noodles! hehe.. this was quite nice! the noodles were very very chewy!

my daddy^^

some photos taken with e rest of the family~

my cousin and his gf (:

not forgetting group photo~~

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