Dad's Birthday

Im getting use to my current hair length, its better for blogshop shoots cos my long wont be covering the pretty clothes details all the time! hehe~
and i can do some jap curls sometimes!

getting prepared for dad's birthday last month (:

doll up my sis as well~ i did her hair and make up (:

Jumbo seafood for dinner~ my elder bro's treat.
my family is like that, we jus gather and have a family dinner at everyone's birthday!
my brother doesn't stay with me so we really seldom have the chance to sit around a table and having dinner together~

mummy looking at the menu~

told them to go closer and thats the "closest" they can go!

everyone had that on!

stomach growling~

many people say i don't look like my parents at all.
even my siblings as well! do i?

then i went to partyworld with my sis, bro and his gf!

with my sis and eve~

i feel that sometimes i have to be cautious of what i blog about simply bcos i don wan certain people to read it.
have you ever have someone leaving your life?
is it because the attention is gone?
or u are so use to the person then suddenly it jus disappears?
and then u feel quite empty?

-i am feeling like that right now :(

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