Have you heard of Adel?

I'm sure many of you are like me, we want to have a healthy body, with that then we can strive for what we always wanted (:

Recently my friend introduced me to Adel (:
It is the age defying elixir that's made up of placenta.

Why Do I Need ADEL?

Intrinsic aging is a natural aging process which we cannot stop but we can try to slow it down and age gracefully. Therefore, ADEL is formulated using pure and fresh placenta extracted from New Zealand sheep aimed to stimulate anti-aging and cells rejuvenation processes. Its properties also enhance the body’s vitality to promote general well-being while improving the skin’s texture and complexion thus allowing one to look and feel healthier and even younger! Simple reason why we use Sheep's placenta, it is because up till now sheep have no known sickness until other animals and their body molecules are quite identical to a human body's.

How Does ADEL Work?
ADEL works under the same fundamental theory of cell therapy, a process of introducing new cells into a tissue in order to rebuild and revitalize ailing or aging tissue. Henceforth, ADEL aims to stimulate the body's own therapeutic and revitalizing powers to regenerate aging cells to become new healthy ones. In this way, the new healthy cells are able to quickly and effectively build up the defense mechanisms of the body and thus significantly slow down the aging process allowing one to regain physical health and vitality.

• Anti-aging properties
• Facilitates the regeneration of cells, tissues and organs
• Enables a finer skin texture, toned color and firmer body
• Enables younger and more vibrant looks
• Improves immunity system function and hormonal balances
• Enhance stamina, energy level and sexual function
• Improves blood circulation
• Facilitates deeper and more relaxing sleep

If you are interested knowing more about Adel and the prices, do contact my friend Shaun, shaun0911@hotmail.com (:
Its been very long since I catch up with my dance mates from ngee ann poly (:
each and everytime we meet, we whine how much we missed dancing together, time really flies!
To readers who are still schooling, do cherish the times spent in school!!

simple outfit and off to Bugis for steamboat.

Steph and Seowting~

pretty mingli! she was the finalist at Singtel Grid Girls last year!

after dinner we had yoghurt!
it doesnt taste good :(

oh my i can see my tummy :X

we took a bus to holland village and spent awesome time catching up at Coffee Bean~

taken on a random day^
went to visit Trina during her confinement, i suck at carrying babies! they are the most fragile looking thing, of cos the cutest little ones (:
can't wait for my bffs to become mums as well! heehee.

I was watching this taiwan drama which was aired last year i think. call PS 男. The male lead is a writer in the drama. he wrote very interesting stuff about love which i couldn't agree more, shall post them up when i gather words from that particular paragraph!

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