Majolica Majorca Chapter 31: Fake Sleeping

As she opens her eyes, her lashes rise up like a climbing vine. Her sparkle seeks the darkness and darkness embraces her sparkle.

Before long, her moist eyes begin to tell a tale...........

Got ready and made my way to Wanderlust!

The room at Wanderlust is fantastic! Its a beautiful boutique hotel and it matches Chapter 31's theme where the scene takes place in a forest where the girl sleeps.

Beautiful decoration as always (:
presenting limited edition products for this chapter~

a little stairway decorated by butterflies (:

and theres Nadia and Kanny welcoming me with delicious pastries!
yes thats a huge bed!

there were fake leaves on the ceiling! it jus feels like im sleeping a an enchanted forest!

after everyone arrived! we went downstairs for some finger food!

yum yums!

everyone enjoying their food!!

me and apple (:
this babe specially flew back from HK jus for this event.. gg to miss her!

ahhh these photos are making me hungry

lovely lamp decorated by sodas~

me and Collette!
my first time meeting her! shes really skinny and i envy her small face!

beautiful huirong (:

us squeezing together on bed listening to the presentation of this chapter (:

audrey, apple, me and nadia!

and kanny!!

Chapter 31: Fake Sleeping

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