Acnes Medicated Skincare Range

My skin condition is generally good, but i do get pimples whenever my period is near..
and they always have to pop up at weird spots around my lips, around my nose which makes them very visible!! :(

I received this Acnes Medicated Skincare Range from The Sample Store and got to try them out, jus nice I was having a pimple around my lip.

Face wash, it smells a bit different from other types of scented facewash, my face feels really refresh after using it!

sorry im not gg to post any naked face photo here i look dreadful! This facewash helps prevent pimples!

next is the Sealing Jell! It contains Triclosan to penetrate our pores and prevent formation of acne bacteria!
I applied it on my pimple and it healed in about 3-4days!

U can redeem FREE SAMPLES AT http://www.facebook.com/acnes.sg

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